[PHOTOS][Paparazzi]YongHwa new hairstyle!

Yong looks younger kekeke!! and his couple ring was spotted again!!^0^

I’m so sorry, but the owner of the pics don’t allow us to re-upload or share the pics, so we only can share the link here:


These photos taken from goldenjyh.blog.me
(CNBLUE, Jan 26 2011 @incheon Airport)

6 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Paparazzi]YongHwa new hairstyle!”

  1. edamambb says:

    Jung Shhin chingu is using Yong’s bag! How cute.

  2. lemonade says:

    he looks so cute:) even tho i prefer the old colour but this is cute:)
    new hair yoong¬:))

  3. princess89 says:

    wow!! but i like the old colour..

  4. dita says:

    wuahh… you look good with a new haircut

  5. trag vik says:

    i love yongseo

  6. chika says:

    nice new hair uri yong… 🙂

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