[TRANSLATIONS] YongHwa at 110123 Gag Concert

You can see the raw video here

Gagman (GM): I heard CNBlue Jung YongHwa is here today.
Then the camera showed YongHwa
GM: I heard your single is in the second place in Oricon.
All: Woo..
GM: It’s nice.  But Oricon?
GM: Is it something like a radio station?
GM: Anyway, congratulations!
GM: I want to teach you something.  Just come to the stage first.
All: (shrieks and shouts and claps)
GM: Hurry!

GM: When you sing, your hand gestures are so complex.
GM: is it like that? (host is doing the gesture of love love love).  In my opinion, something is missing there.
GM: Do it again.  (Yong is doing the gesture).
GM: wait.  Open your hand like this.
(YongHwa opened his hand)
GM: When you place your hand in fron of your face, your hand  totally covers your face.  You will succeed, only if
you cover your face.  Understand?
GM: In WGM, Seohyun can not speak to you in banmal and you write a banmal song for her, right?
(YongHwa nods)
GM: Do you know why Seohyun can not speak to you in banmal?
GM:  It’s because you look old.
GM: Every time when Seohyun saw me, she……( Here the host just wants to say that Seohyun treats him like a
kid or a friend at her age because he looks young)
GM: Anyway, you are so lucky.  Recently, someone with baby glamour like your wife is very popular.  Baby face
and Glamour body.
GM: I will show you what’s real baby glamour. (makes a ‘cute’ face)
GM: don’t be nervous.  It will be over soon.
GM: see!  A tummy like a baby and a glamour face.  It’s my version of baby glamour.
GM: (Looking at YongHwa) What?  You must want a baby like me badly, right?
GM: Go back to your seat.  I call you up since you are here.

cr.Goguma Baidu Bar; translations by Phoebechiu and scatterbrain @ soompi


One Comment on “[TRANSLATIONS] YongHwa at 110123 Gag Concert”

  1. dodo says:

    haha funny yong.at before i watch d video without this translation when yong raise his hand i tot the gag man talk and spoted his ring with hyun haha which make yong laugh.jst my imignation.hehe pity me~anyway it turn funny when he says abt seohyun n d baby face..

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