[VIDEOS][Raw] YongHwa at 110123 Gag Concert

Here’s the video of the Gag Concert filmed at 110119, aired today..

cr. kubih @ YouTube

OMG, did you see the ring~ding~dong?
And the earmuffs?

And if my hearing is not wrong, I hear the gagman mentioned “SeoHyun” and “Banmal Song”???
Then YongHwa laughed shyly?? 8D

Oh my, YongSeo… 😀


3 Comments on “[VIDEOS][Raw] YongHwa at 110123 Gag Concert”

  1. onari says:

    comedian: In WGM seohyun only spoke formally to you, so i heard you wrote banmal song for her?
    Do u know why Seohyun can’t speak in banmal to you? It’s because you look old (i think.. haha)
    When Seohyun sees me she goes “Kkakung” (usually the way Korean speak to babies)

    i’m not korean but based on my understanding this is what they talked about..

  2. Minh says:

    I hope there are someone sub it. Thanks, Yong so cute the same as Seohyun LOL

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