[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 41

Part 1, starting at the 0:22 mark.

H: First of all…the weather was beautiful. And the meeting with my mother-in-law was over, which I was worried about. And now all that’s left is, to just enjoy myself.

Y: Ah, the ocean smell!

H: This ocean smell?

Y: Yeah. You don’t smell it?

H: I do, kind of.

Sub: Hyun getting excited over seeing the ocean

Y: Should we buy some snacks and herd the seagulls?

H: Seagulls? Okay.

Sub: The traditional game of any ocean trip à feeding the seagulls…

H: You’re not scared of seagulls?

Y: I’m not scared.

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Seagulls would like shrimp crackers the best, right?

Owner: Yes, they do.

MC: It must be a present to the seagulls.

MC: Oh, shrimp crackers.

Sub: buying supplies to feed the seagulls…

Y: Yah, I finally get to step on to the white sand beach of Haewoondae.

H: I want to go down there!

Y: Just jump!

H: Let’s go!

Y: Look, it’s a seagull!

Y: Busan seagulls~ [NOTE: It’s an old Korean song.]

MC: Oh, the Busan natives should know this song.

MC: It’s the national anthem of Busan.

H: Look over there! It’s like they’re sunbathing.

Sub: Seagull flocks in the middle of tanning (?)

MC: Oh, it’s my first time seeing them up close.

H: Wow, it’s so cool.

H: Oh, they’re cute!

At the 2:00 mark.

Y: Yahh, they’re scary!

H: What?

H: I want to go down there!

Y: Did you ever try this before?

H: No, I haven’t.

Y: Yeah, me neither.

Sub: Both of them trying it for the first time…

H: Really?

Y: Yeah. I’ve always wanted to do it.

Sub: finally going down to the beach…

Y: Hey! Galmaeg~! [NOTE:‘Galmaegi’ is seagull in Korean.]

MC: I did it there once too.

MC: With who?

MC: With…er…my 2AM brothers.

MC: They told me they had never been there. Who did you go with?

Y: Should we walk down?

H: Okay.

Y: Kids! Let’s eat!

H: Maegi, maegi! [NOTE: See above note.] They’re running away?

Sub: the seagulls not paying much attention…

Y: Hey, guys!

Sub: suddenly!

Sub: the seagulls reacting to the shrimp crackers…

MC: Oh, it’s like in that one Hitchcock movie, with the birds…

Sub: the seagulls catching everything that’s thrown at them…!

At the 3:05 mark.

MC: It’s like a horror movie.

MC: The seagull brigade…

Sub: in the middle of that…

Y: Seohyun, let’s go!

Sub: hurriedly taking care of his wife…

Sub: running away…

MC: Oh, look at that!

Sub: in the end…!

Sub: gives up the entire bag…

MC: They lost it.

Sub: barely escaping…

MC: They must’ve bought it to look romantic…

Y: I looked up, and…I really couldn’t see the sky at all. Because the seagulls, just…I was so surprised, I left Seohyun behind.

MC: He ditches Seohyun to save himself.

Y: And then I remembered, so I went back to get her.

H: Why did you throw it away? We need to get it back.

At the 4:00 mark.

H: The chips, the chips.

H: Hurry.

Sub: being led by her hand…

Sub: on their way to rescue (?) the shrimp crackers

Y: How do we get in there?

H: Do it while yelling “Wuuhhhhhh.”

Sub: Charge…!

Y: Go away!

H: Go away! Pigeons!

MC: She called them pigeons.

Y: I wonder how they smell it?

H: I know, right.

H: I think they’re going to surround us again.

Sub: trying again…

MC: A lot of them are coming again!

Sub: success!

Sub: with their luck…one more time!

At the 5:00 mark.

Sub: the seagulls flocking from the smell!

Y: Hey, run away!

MC: That looks fun!

Y: No, no, I’m not giving you any!

MC: The seagulls’ love for shrimp crackers is close to godliness

MC: When the seagulls turn angry, they take a dump.

MC: On their heads.

MC: Look at his leg!

Y: They look like kites.

MC: Not giving up, trying to feed them again…!

Y: Yeah! Okay, next!

MC: When I do that, I don’t do itlike that.

MC: How do you do it?

At the 6:00 mark.

MC: You have to call their names. Jonathan! Sebastian!

Y: Here, you try.

Sub: Hyun tries it too…

Y: Stay still.

H: Wow! It’s fun.

MC: It’s fun, she says.

Sub: looks like they’re getting closer ^^

H: Now it’s getting…a little tired. It’s really fun, though.

H: The next day, I got cramps in my legs. Really. At the time, it was so fun and exciting, so I didn’t notice, but then I thought about it and I realized that I had run so much.

Y: I now know…how to go back to our house with the seagulls in tow. I can go back to Sangdo-dong with them.With the cookies…about 300 seagulls.

Sub: after spending some time with the Busan seagulls…

Y: Move! I’m leaving, I’m going to leave! Don’t come near me!

At the 7:00 mark.

Y: Hyung’s going to leave.

Sub: just then!

H: Waaaah!

H: They went to the grandmother over there!

Sub: the seagull-calling maiden

MC: Wow, I never saw that happen.

Sub: Haewoondae seagull ahjumma appears

Sub: suddenly!

H: Wahh!

Sub: seagull master trainer Yong…?!!

Sub: b.u.t.!

Sub: his seagull friends all flying away

Sub: after running their hearts out with the Busan seagulls

H: Ahh~it’s nice.

MC: Both of them seem tired out.

Y: Let’s go ride the boat!

H: Boat?

Y: Riding the boat.

Sea: suddenly bringing up a boat…?!

H: What boat?

Y: “Busan’s Landmark, Amazing Tours.”

At the 8:00 mark.

H: Is that what we’re riding?

Y: Yeah, that goes all the way to America.

H: Really. How many days does it take?

Sub: Hyun’s jokes getting similar to Yong’s

Y: Around 35 days?

MC: That boat goes around Oryook-do. [NOTE: An island off the coast of Busan.]

MC: Oh, on the boat.

MC: There’s a song about that, “The boat going around…” is that what it’s about?

Sub: coming to ride the cruise ship

Y: If both a goguma and I fall into the sea, which one would you save?

H: Of course I’d save the goguma.

MC: She would save the goguma.

MC: Well, they’re the goguma couple, after all.

Sub: time to ride the boat…

H: Wow, it’s so nice~!

MC: It’s really nice!

At the 9:00 mark.

MC: Jonghyun, you know that place, right?

Sub: today’s Busan guide, Jonghyun

MC: Actually, Busan natives probably don’t know Oryook-do that well.

MC: From all the Busan people I’ve known, you’re the only one that doesn’t know about Oryook-do.

Sub: the boat finally starts…

H: Should we sit here?

H: Oh, thank you. You’re cold, right?

Y: No, I’m fine.

H: Isn’t it a bit like a kimbap? [NOTE: Korean sushi roll, where you roll a black piece of seaweed around the insides, usually consisting of white rice and a variety of vegetables.]

Y: Kimbap?

H: I’m not really cold…are you cold?

Y: My hands are cold.

H: Is that warm?

Y: Yeah.

Moving on to Part 2.

Sub: finally…!

Captain: I’ll be giving a talk about Oryook-do.

Sub: the captain’s informative talk begins

Sub: the two people deeply~falling into the Haewoondae tour

Sub: Oryook-do, depending on the direction in which it is looked at…can be either 5 islands or six islands…[NOTE: 5 = ‘oh’. 6 = ‘yook’. Put together, it is pronounced ‘oryook’, or literally, ‘5-6’. So the island’s name in English would be “five-six island”.]

MC: Oh, so the number of islands can change depending on the direction.

Sub: And…!

Captain: you will see a white substance(?) flowing down the island.

Sub: a white island on top of the blue ocean…!

Captain: those would be the excrement of birds.

MC: excrement of birds.

Sub: a whi~te work of art…!

H: Wow, it’s the best, right?

Sub: the captain’s lecture(?) ends~!

Sub: going around the Haewoondae sea

At the 1:00 mark.

Sub: returning to the pier~

Sub: the couple finishing their cruise

Y: It’s getting dark.

H: Those people don’t seem scared.

Y: They’re veterans.

H: It seems to be getting colder.

Y: Seohyun.

H: Why did you do that?

Sub: Had done a lock-armed version at their Japan trip

Y: I thought a lot about that.

H: What kind of thoughts?

Y: Seohyun actually did it.

H: Ha! Really?

Y: This is important.

H: But I was comfortable…

Y: Really?

At the 2:00 mark.

H: Yeah, it’s comfortable when it’s like…but your hand…

Sub: then…

H: Today, something…is missing.

Sub: something is suddenly missing…?!

Y: What?

H: What can it be?

Y: What is it?

H: I…my neck is missing something.

MC: Does she want a scarf?

H: I wonder why?

Y: Huh?

H: Sit.

Y: Why is your neck feeling empty?

H: It’s just missing something.

Y: The necklace?

H: That’s right.

Sub: about the necklace…

Y: the butterfly necklace?

H: Yeah!

MC: Oh, the one he gave as a present?

Sub: his birthday present to her at Ganghwa-do

H: Do you remember what it looks like?

Y: Of course I remember.

H: Do you think you would know if I had it on?

At the 3:00 mark.

Y: I would know if I saw.

H: Ahhh, really!

Y: What?

H: You don’t have very good eyes.

Y: Why?

H: Do you know how much I’ve been wearing the butterfly necklace?

MC: She had it on in Japan, too. And in Ganghwa-do.

Sub: if it’s with Yonghwa, the necklace is always there…!

H: You don’t know, right?

MC: His face doesn’t know about it at all.

H: I did it the last time, and the time before that, and I always had it on! And you didn’t know about it.

Sub: But Yong didn’t know!?

Y: Oh, I knew about that!

H: What?? Really? Are you sure you didn’t know about it?

Y: Why wouldn’t I know that?

H: I thought you didn’t know.

Y: Why wouldn’t I?

H: Because you didn’t say anything.

Y: Oh, like “You have it on today~”?

H: Yeah.

At the 4:00 mark.

MC: She wanted to hear things like, “Oh, it looks pretty…”

MC: That one phrase…

MC: Is that so hard?

H: I thought you had forgotten about it.

Y: The present? Why would I forget about that, I paid for it!

Sub: this is the way a man works(?)!

MC: So simple.

H: I thought you didn’t know.

MC: But if he doesn’t express it, how would she know.

H: I shouldn’t wear it next time. I think Yong oppa’s, like, he wouldn’t say anything when I do it, but would ask about it if I’m not wearing it. Should I try doing that?

PD: Are you upset?

H: Not exactly upset, but…yeah, I guess I’m upset.

Y: I always saw her wearing it, but I didn’t know I was supposed to say something about it. Next time, when I see it, I’m going to mention it a lot.

H: Then I guess I’ll put it back on.

At the 5:00 mark.

Sub: was hiding the necklace…

MC: She has it with her?

Y: But then, in the morning,you…#$@%$!^!^& [NOTE: Undecipherable, sorry…I tried my best… ^_^]

H: You didn’t do it!

Y: Okay, okay. So that’s what you wanted, our Seohyun…

H: What do you mean, want? Ah, really…

Y: I was just looking at it, like “oh, she has it on…”

H: Ahhh, really, my…

Y: What?

H: Nothing.

H: Really…

Y: You probably wouldn’t know~ if you had the butterfly necklace on~ [NOTE: Another popular Korean song, back in the day.]

Y: You should’ve asked about it.

H: I was going to…but…I forgot. From now on, tell me.

Y: Okay.

H: Let’s go. Go!

Y: Go where?

H: Somewhere.

Y: You know the way?

H: Let’s just go somewhere.

MC: They’re in Busan, where would she go.

Y: I need to call my friend.

Sub: Yong husband’s friend!!

At the 6:00 mark.

MC: Yonghwa’s friends.

Friend: hello?

Y: Oh, where are you?

Sub: Yong’s friends…perhaps…

Friend: I’m on my way.

Sub: your friends…do you still meet them?

Friend: hang on a few minutes, I’ll be there quickly.

H: I’m curious.

MC: This should be interesting.

Moving on to Part 3.

Y: He should be here by now…

Phone: unable to connect to caller. Please leave a…

Sub: his friend still seems to be lost…

H: Are you sure he’s coming?

H: I wonder where he is…

Y: I think there’s going to be around 4 people.

MC: Yonghwa’s friends really got daebaked, meeting a member of SNSD. [NOTE: That’s the best way I can phrase it…the close translation would be ‘really really lucky’.]

Y: They’re friends that I’ve been close with since elementary school.

Sub: his closest friends for his whole life!

MC: They’re his closest friends.

Y: They’re my friends from the neighborhood, I know them better than anyone else, and I really wanted to introduce them to Seohyun.

Phone: unable to connect to caller. Please…

H: Were you left behind?

Y: Impossible.

MC: I think his friends are going to be very masculine.

Y: We’re doo-maek-paem.

Sub: Yong’s friends =doo-maek-paem

H: What does that mean?

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Doosil McDonald Family. [NOTE:Doosil is the neighborhood where Yonghwa and friends grew up. Doo-Mc-Fam, or doo-maek-paem.]

MC: Oh, that was where they all met?

Y: They’re all very kind and nice.

H: Really? They wouldn’t be uncomfortable around me, right?

Y: It’ll be okay if you’re not uncomfortable around them.

H: Okay.

MC: She needs to do well when she meets his friends, it’s a way to boost his morale.

Y: He should be here by now…Jinsuk!

H: Where would he hear that?

Y: He could hear it. Jung Jinsuk!

Sub: Will Jinsuk show up… [NOTE: the music playing here is from a TV show called “Love Through the Television” where a celebrity would be reunited with their long-lost friends. The show would reach its climax when the celebrity would shout out the name of his/her friend, who would appear through a door.]

Y: Oh, Yonghwa…did you call me?

MC: I wonder if he will show up.

Y: Oh, he’s here!

H: Really?

Sub: Finally!

Sub: Jinsuk chingoo arriving after going seven times around the block

H: Oh, is that him?

Sub: Yong very happy at meeting his best friend

At the 2:00 mark.

Y: This is Jinsuk.

H: Hello…this is my first time meeting you.

Jinsuk: Hello, I’m Jinsuk…I was Yonghwa’s friend since elementary school.

H: Oh, really? Glad to meet you.

Jinsuk: Sorry, you waited a long time, right?

MC: He looks cute.

Jinsuk: I went on the wrong road, so…

Y: Jinsuk, this is Seohyun…

H: doo-maec-paem…of course.

Jinsuk: let’s be comfortable…go comfortable…let’s just go…ugh.

Sub: the person more nervous that Hyun wife

Jinsuk: we need to stop by Busan-dae to pick up Yejie.

Sub: Yejie! A female name??

MC: Oh, it’s a female name?

Y: Her name is Yejie, she’s the sole female member of our doo-maek-paem.

Sub: there’s a girl among her husband’s friends!

At the 3:00 mark.

MC: There’s a female?

H: Yejie unnie…

H: She must be a little…tomboyish.

Y: No, she’s not really a tomboy.

H: Then what?

Y: She’s a comfortable friend.

MC: She might be a little upset atthat.

Y: Hey, do you remember how we grew so close to Yejie?

Y: She’s really comfortable to be around, you know…I don’t see her as female.

MC: If he says that, what’s Yejie’s position going to be?

Sub: meanwhile…arriving near Busan-dae

MC: Budae is the Busan equivalent of Hongdae in Seoul.It’s narrow and small, but it has everything. [NOTE: Both are popular places for teenagers.]

MC: He finally said something.

Sub: Calling Yejie…

Yejie: Yeah.

Y: Where are you?

At the 4:00 mark.

Yejie: I’m at #$@%.

Y: I’m almost there with Jinsuk.

Yejie: Yeah.

Y: Wait outside, we’re almost there.

Yejie: Okay…Jung Yong…

Y: Jung Yong…really.

MC: I wonder what her reaction would be to seeing his close female friend?

MC: Whether she’s better than me or not.

MC: And on top of that, if she’s prettier…

MC: It’s either she hates her, or they become friends.

Sub: Finally…!

Sub: Arriving in front of Busan-dae!

Y: Oh, I see Yejie.

H: Where?

Sub: There…

Sub: Yejie chingoo entering…

Y: Yejie!

Yejie: Hello…yah, what am I supposed to do?

At the 5:00 mark.

MC: She’s cute.

Yejie: It’s so hard to look ather. [NOTE: Not 100% positive. Busan accent…]

H: Hello.

Yejie: Hello…omona.

MC: Omona.

MC: Oh, they’re doing well.

Yejie: You have a really small face.

Y: Yejie! Aren’t you happy to see me?

Sub: Yong becoming invisible thanks to Hyun

Yejie: It’s a celebrity…#$@%. [NOTE: GOD, I HATE TRANSLATING DIALECT.]

MC: #$@%.

Y: She’s a Busan-style girl.

H: At first, I thought the doo-maek-paem would be all guys, but…I was really surprised when I heard there was a girl. But when I saw her, she was really cute, and her face was really white, and she looked pretty.

At the 6:03 mark.

Sub: on their way to pick up their last friends

Yejie: Actually, you know what. Do you think I should’ve put on more makeup?

Y: No, it’s fine.

Sub: Busan girl paying attention to her face for her first broadcast

MC: Because she’s on broadcast.

Jinsuk: Now we need to get Ookhun and go straight up.

MC: Oh, I know Ookhun.

MC: You know him?

Yejie: Would you like some gum?

Sub: Friendship flowing through a piece of gum

Sub: Finally arriving at their last pick-up place!

Sub: Here…!

Sub: Doosil’s hamburger place

At the 7:00 mark.

Y: There they are.

Sub: Last friends for today!

MC: Oh, he’s really happy!

MC: He’s meeting them after awhile.

MC: He must’ve been busy, so he wouldn’t have had the time.

MC: That’s right.

Y: Why did you two dress up so well?

H: This my first time meeting you, hello. [NOTE: In case you’re curious…the phrase “this is my first time meetingyou” is a standard way of greeting when you’re being introduced to a new person.]

Y: Lee Donghyun, and Kang Ookhun.

Sub: finished with bringing together Yong’s close friends!

At the 8:00 mark.

Y: Ookhui. [NOTE: Ookhun with an accent.]

Sub: starting for Bhumuh-sa…!

MC: Where’s Bhumuh-sa?

MC: It’s in Busan, it’s a very famous temple.

MC: There must be a famous café nearby?

MC: Oh, the café…well, I’ve never been there, so…

Y: How’s meeting SNSD’s Seohyun?

Ookhun: Never thought a day like this would come in my life. [NOTE: Korean idiom, this is the closest English translation.]

Yejie: I’ve only been seeing you through posters.

Jinsuk: Me too, me too.

Ookhun: From about 100 m away…

Donghyun: I have the calendar.

Sub: everyone having an interest in Hyun wife

H: Oh, really?

Y: What are you doing?

Donghyun: getting acclimatized.

Y: Why are you being so shy?

Ookhun: Aigoo…don’t be like this.

Sub: Don’t be like that…^^

Sub: going through mountain roads

Sub: heading to a café nearby Bhumuh-sa…!

At the 9:00 mark.

Sub: finally here!

Y: Yejie! You lost some weight!

Yejie: Don’t even say anything. It was hard.

Y: Why? What did you do?

Yejie: All I ate were gogumas.

Yejie: I like gogumas too.

H: Uuooooh!

Y: Jinsuk! Wait.

Sub: affection display in front of friends

Sub: mass ignoring

Y: Why is Yejie going first?

Sub: heading towards the mountain café that Jinsuk scouted…!

At the 10:00 mark.

Sub: friends attempting to sit according to their preference(?)

MC: It’s not really a fancy café, but more like…

Yejie: You two should face each other.

Sub: in conference…for a while

Sub: finished adjusting places…!

Jinsuk: glad to meet you.

Y: what do you mean, glad?

MC: It’s awkward.

MC: Awkward.

Y: Jinsuk has a knack for finding out these places.

Yejie: picking out places where other people don’t know about…

Jinsuk: we need to formally introduce ourselves now.

Yejie: you start first.

Oohkun: No, don’t start with me.

Y: Seo Joo-hyun.

H: It’s Seohyun.

Sub: united…applause!

Y: You guys are applauding to that?

Y: Jung Jinsuk.

At the 11:00 mark.

Y: Moon Yejie.

Yejie: What?

Y: Don’t worry about your image.

Y: Lee Donghyun and Kang Ookhun.

Y: How is it, seeing Seohyun? Now that you’ve seen Seo Joohyun.

Ookhun: Aish…stop calling on me first.

MC: He’s a friend who cares for others.

Y: He’s the kind that butts into other people’s conversations.

Y: Jinsuk…how do you feel?

Jinsuk: Well, just…I can’t say anything.

MC: He must’ve done some research.

MC: He seems to be the type who handles all the work between his friends.

Yejie: But, you know. I didn’t know it when I was watching TV, but your face is really small.

Ookhun: So you’re saying her face is big on TV?

Yejie: No, no, all I’m saying is, honestly…

At the 12:00 mark.

Y: This is Busan style. They’re not fighting or anything.

H: Okay.

Sub: innocent boys find it hard to even say their first impressions

Donghyun: Well, I feel really happy, after seeing you so much on TV, so…

Ookhun: blessed.

MC: Ookhun talented at paring down words

Sub: then Hyun wife’s first thoughts?

H: They’re all very nice and innocent, I think.

Yejie: You don’t know us yet.

Y: Don’t make up things to say on purpose!

Sub: but all they’ve done is go through introductions

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