[NEWS] SNSD’s Seohyun & CNBLUE’s Yonghwa Enjoy a Romantic Date in Busan


CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun enjoyed a romantic date featuring their characteristic sweet potatoes in Yonghwa’s hometown of Busan, as the January 22nd episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” focused on a continuation of the couple’s stay after their meeting with Yonghwa’s mother last week.

While walking through the streets, Seohyun expressed her disappointment in Yonghwa failing to notice her wearing a necklace he previously gifted her by asking, “Do you remember the butterfly necklace you gave me before? Do you know how much I’ve worn it?”

Yonghwa answered back, “I did know,” while Seohyun retorted, “Then why did you never mention I was wearing it?”

In their black room interview cuts, Seohyun disappointingly expressed, “I thought he forgot about the necklace. Maybe I won’t wear it next time.” In Yonghwa’s interview, he truthfully stated, “I always noticed that she was wearing the necklace, but I didn’t think you had to show that. Now I’ll definitely show it.”



He then turned to Seohyun during their date and exclaimed, “So this is what you wanted, our Seohyun?” while personally putting on the necklace for her.

They then picked up some snacks to feed the seagulls near Haeundae, but were unfortunately met with a traumatic experience. When the seagulls began swarming around the couple much like a scene out of a horror movie for the snacks, Yonghwa ran from the scene while leaving Seohyun behind.

Although he eventually went back to get her, he revealed in his black room interview, “I looked up and I couldn’t see the sky. I was so shocked, I forgot about Seohyun until I remembered and went back to get her.”

Fortunately, the seagulls calmed down and the two were able to feed them the snacks without being swarmed. Seohyun expressed in her interview, “I ran around so much, my muscles are sore!”

After playing with the seagulls, the two headed for a romantic cruise tour to wrap up their date. While waiting to get on the boat, Yonghwa jokingly asked, “If me and a sweet potato fell into the ocean, who would you save first?”



Much to the amusement of the studio, Seohyun replied, “Aigo~ Of course I’d save the sweet potato!”

Yonghwa then wanted to introduce Seohyun to his childhood friends and took her to a cafe for a meet up. Much to Seohyun’s surprise, another girl was present, which caught her by surprise. In her black room interview, she expressed, “I thought they’d be all guys, but there was even a girl. She’s very fair skinned, small and cute.”

His friends were preoccupied with being amazed over seeing a celebrity in real life until Yonghwa began making them jealous by linking arms with Seohyun.

As if wanting to show off his wife, he then forced a reply out of each of them by asking, “How’s it feel seeing SNSD’s Seohyun?”

They answered, “Her face is really small in real life,” and “I’m deeply moved.”


News taken from Allkpop
Source + Photos: MyDaily, Osen, TV Daily, Newsen, My Star News (re-uploaded by aeria9 of iloveyongseo)


This article summarizes today’s episode!
One word for woori YongSeo: DAEBAK!! ♥


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  1. meryl says:

    when did yonghwa give seohyun a necklace?

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