[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Ep 41 Text Preview

Seohyun, meets husband Jung Yonghwa’s childhood friends!

Last week, the YongSeo couple traveled to Busan, Yonghwa’s hometown. This week, their trip continues with a sweet and chilling (?) meeting with the seagulls at the Haewoondae beach followed by a meeting with Yonghusband’s childhood friends.
His friends have been with him for 10 years and have spent their school years together. While he turned quiet in front of his mother, the Yong choding returned with full force once he met his friends, and his native Busan friends quickly became friendly with Seohyun.
In particular, among his friends gathered that day was a female friend, which drew special attention. It is speculated that there is a special reason why Jung Yonghwa invited her along.
What will be his secret plan, and will she be able to make lasting memories among her husband and his childhood friends? It will be revealed on the 22nd, on MBC’s “We Got Married” broadcast at 5:10 PM.

Translation credits: MountainMadMan


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