[PHOTOS] YongHwa and SeoHyun wear Their Ring on 20th Seoul Music Awards

cr. as tagged; shared by aneng @ soompi; re-uploaded by aeria9 of iloveyongseo

OMG, the rings, the rings!
I think I’ll transform into a Gollum after seeing lots of their pics with the ring recently.. 😀
Plus, their groups both won awards: SNSD won the Hallyu Special Awards, and CNBLUE won the Rookie Awards!
Congrats to both SNSD and CNBLUE, and also for woori YongSeo >w< ~


3 Comments on “[PHOTOS] YongHwa and SeoHyun wear Their Ring on 20th Seoul Music Awards”

  1. lemonade says:

    so cute:))
    yup! everyone kept saying it doesnt matter if they wore the ring or not. but for me even if the slightest thing makes me happy.
    because they are so reall!
    love ittt
    cant wait for saturday
    hmm i wonder who will be the new couple replacing adam’s couple:)

  2. dee says:

    Please be a gollum, so an extrem gollum like me can have an update about their wearing the precious ring or not…:))
    Some people says it’s not important, but for me it some kind of assurance that their not doing it just for the show…
    And congratz to cn blue and snsd for their award…
    They deserve it…

  3. tyd says:

    whoaa congrats to both of them 🙂 so many pics help me waiting for saturday patiently ehehe…

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