[TRANSLATIONS][Fanaccount] YongSeo Filming at Myung-Dong Noonsquare

The PD smiled while he was looking at YongSeo.
Yong went to restroom.
Yong picked clothes for Hyun but did not buy any eventually.
Just saw the sight of Hyun’s back.
They looked very sweet.

Hyun wore Yong’s coat as shown in the picture
They help each other wear hats.
Yong bought Hyun shoes high boots.
They are having lunch

while Yong paid for lunch, Hyun was waiting there.  Yong went back to the seat  after he paid the bill.  Yong talked to Hyun for a while before he took off.

The shooting is over.  Yong is heading to gag concert.


The boots that Hyun is wearing is the gift from Yong.

Some people in China goguma couple baidu suspect that there may have another filming later today at their house.  They are curious why all the sudden MBC employee went to fix the heater.

credit: China goguma couple baidu (translated from Chinese by Phoebechiu@seohwa soompi thread)

They are filming for another episode again and this time they are going shopping just like what normal couples do!! The Busan episode hasn’t even finished airing yet and the skiing episode too and now we have this!! That only means more YongSeo episodes to come!! 🙂


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