[TRANSLATIONS]YongSeo couple preview eps 40

Jung YongHwa’s mother exposed yonghwa’s childhood to daughter-in-law, seohyun.

Last week, in a japanese restaurant in haeundae,mom-in-law and seohyun had their first meal together.seohyun was very nervous to have her first greeting with MIL. yong’s mother exposing his son’s school days story and attracts laughter.

yong’s mom speak about the reason behind yong’s unique behaviour during his 12 years as a student. yong’s mom always watches the program and seeing how he have 180 degrees change after getting married. seeing that side of yong gave his mom a shock. so she starts to tell everyting about yong’s past to seohyun.

jungyonghwa’s mom told seohyun his son’s secrets during his schooldays. which side of yong that has 180degrees change after he got married? it will be revealed in WGM 2011 15th jan 5.10pm

translated by scatterbrain @soompi official seohwa thread


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