[NEWS] YongHwa Wears The Couple Ring in CNBLUE’s Zepp Concert at Japan

cr. Keiko Imaizumi blog

YongHwa wore the ring in their second Zepp concert at Japan in this January 2011.

Japanese fans were so excited to see Yong with the ring.  In their first concert back then in 2010, Yong received lots response from fans when he sang ‘Love Light’.

Japanese fans guess that it’s probably the reason that he wore the ring in next concert because he felt the support from Japanese fans.

cr.Taiwan PTT2 sweetpotato forum; translated by Phoebechiu @ soompi

And, here are some videos from CNBLUE’s 2011 Zepp Tour in Japan (try to spot the ring, Gogumas 😀 )


So, Yong really did wear the IT-ring!! ♥
Cheers to Japanese Gogumas, they are so daebak!!


4 Comments on “[NEWS] YongHwa Wears The Couple Ring in CNBLUE’s Zepp Concert at Japan”

  1. Minh says:

    so these pics were taken on 2010 or 2011 ?

    • aeria9 says:

      This is from 2010..
      Currently there’s no fantaken pics from 2011 Zepp Tour, I got this info from Taiwan Gogumas at Soompi..
      So let’s wait for some fanaccounts clarifying this ^^

  2. rxp says:

    these pics are from their first concerts in japan…back in 2010

    • aeria9 says:

      Yes, I think SeoHwa soompiers use this pic to show how YongHwa wore the ring back then and how the Japanese Gogumas support him..
      Thanks for the tip again, rxp 🙂

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