[NEWS][Translations] Cover of ‘Banmal Song’ Single Revealed

The ‘Banmal Song’ will have an official release as a single.

The ‘Banmal Song’, which Jung Yonghwa composed and wrote himself, was shown on MBC’s ‘We Got Married 2’ and will be revealed to the fans with a new name on the 14th: “For the First-Time Couple in Love“.

The single was part of a mission for ‘We Got Married 2’ in which they had to film a UCC. Posted on Youtube, it received over 2 million hits. It has drawn much attention and parodies from different countries.

After the UCC debut, the interest of the fans were high and there were many requests and questions about the single release.

The song to be revealed has changed its name from ‘Banmal Song’ to ‘For the First-Time Couple in Love (subtitle Banmal Song)’. It was rewritten as Jung Yonghwa’s solo effort with an easy melody and a light acoustic sound with loving lyrics that allow new lovers to get closer to one another.

Currently, CN BLUE is performing in Japan, starting in Osaka and traveling to 4 different cities as part of their ‘Zepp Tour’ along with their new Japanese album.

cr. nate ;translation from MountainMadman @ soompi

OMG, look at the cover..
Is that woori YongSeo there?
And what’s with the new title of the song?  “For the First-Time Couple in Love” ..?
So they are really fall into each other???

AWWWW I can’t stop spazzing to myself about this issue!! *faint*

Let’s anticipate for tomorrow’s ‘Banmal Song’ official release 😀


2 Comments on “[NEWS][Translations] Cover of ‘Banmal Song’ Single Revealed”

  1. Kenny says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy the hard CD copy of this? Where I can order online???

  2. Shereena says:

    Love The First Version Between YongHwa n Seo-hyun

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