[AUDIO] Jung YongHwa – ‘For The First Time Couple In Love (Banmal Song)’ Audio

Check this, Gogumas!

cr. iHoneydew @ YouTube

OMG I love Yong’s voice..
It’s very soothing and somewhat full of deep feeling towards the song!!
(or should I say ‘towards her Hyun? Lol 😀 )

Anyway, please support our couple by purchasing the original digital single here:



YongSeo is REAL!!! ♥


7 Comments on “[AUDIO] Jung YongHwa – ‘For The First Time Couple In Love (Banmal Song)’ Audio”

  1. ashan says:

    hi i wanna buy this album but i cant understand korean maybe you can translate it for me? im studying korean but im just starting so i really need help thanks^^

  2. Huiying373 says:

    Can i know where to buy it??? i mean yonghwa digital single.. will it sell in malaysia??? I hear other people say can buy from yesasia but i can’t find the link in yesasia which selling it… can help me T.T???

  3. Minh says:

    so sweet. I sure Huyn will be happy with this song

  4. lemonade says:

    awwwhhh this is so cute
    so sweet and refreshing
    we all know that, this is for seohyun!
    yongseo are realll! right ? yeayyyy:PP
    i’ll be happy if my Bf write me a song
    long live our fave couple:DDD yongseo!:DD

  5. tyd says:

    i just refresh this page and then tadaaa they already released the song!!!! omooo… the song is sooooooooooooooo sweet >.<
    i love the sound of the accoustic guitar here, and of course the sweet lyrics too 🙂
    thank you soooo much for sharing!! *play it again and again before going to bed xD

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