[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Yong’s sweet lines to Hyun

I make this fmv after read Aya Otohata & JustBulan’s post @soompi seohwa official thread 🙂

10 Comments on “[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Yong’s sweet lines to Hyun”

  1. meryl says:

    actually, i never know what is yong choding?
    do you know what is it mean?

  2. jaslovesyg says:

    thanks for this indy!! love it!!!!!!

    • indy says:

      Ur welcome Jas 🙂
      And thanks to you! i got this ideas after see ur post about Yong’s lines haha, (before I go to the soompi anyway^^)

  3. caca says:

    hi indy,
    i have a request after watching this hehehe gna’s new song just released. after listening to it, i felt “ah! that’s a song for yongseo” hehehehe
    i dunno how to make a video so …………….. hehehehehe if you need any material, please let me know. i can help hehehe do you mind making one?

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