[PHOTOS][Memories] Yonghwa makes Seohyun wear his Jacket

cr. dcmarried ; reuploaded by jaslovesyg@iloveyongseo

This was when they played pool with CNBLUE… I really love these little moments they had before! Yonghwa really takes care of Seohyun so much!! Kyaaaaa!! I really love YongSeo! The latest episode is really daebak!!

4 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Memories] Yonghwa makes Seohyun wear his Jacket”

  1. norha87 says:

    because when you playing pool, you will bent our body and her shirt at that time not suitable..having jacket will ensure nothing expose…^_^

  2. cutelicouse says:

    you guys… it’s awkward that i’m watching this couple’s days now in 2012 but i’m seriously a fan of both band members. so… why does he makes her wear his jacket again, i just don’t get it… *i feel like a child* T.T pls tell me!

  3. Lily says:

    why did she need a jacket??? Seriously, I couldn’t understand!

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