[TRANSLATIONS]YongSeo couple eps 39

Thanks to DDuk @official seohwa thread-soompi forums for the fastest translation
Part 1 is translated by LalaCAKE

YH: What the? Are these pictures?
SH: Eh?
YH: What is this?
SH: Oh, this is it.
SH: Please!
YH: I can’t watch this.
MC: When you watch those things together, you always end up looking at yourself.
JW: That’s right!
SO: And when you watch yourself singing your expression keeps changing..
YH: I really can’t watch this!
SH: Did you upload it?
YH: No, it’s uploading it’s uploading!
SH: Ah, what do we do!
MC: The deed has already been done, the situation has spread!
YH: When we upload this, people from around the world can see it.
YH: We have to let other people know about this video.
SH: I have someone in mind,
SH: It’s someone that knows a lot about music.
YH: Oh really? Who is it?
SH: It’s someone I really respect.
MC: Who could it be??
SSH: Yes?
SH: Sunbae nim~
SSH: Yes?
SH: Hello, this is SNSD’s Seohyun!
MC: Oh it’s a guy!
SSH: Oh yes, Seohyun.
MCs: Oh yes, Seohyun?!
SH: Do you happen to know the Yongseo couple?
SSH: Of course~

YH: Hello sunbae nim, it’s Yonghwa!
SSH: Oh hi Yonghwa!
MC: I never knew that Shin Seung Hun was close to SNSD.
YH: We composed and wrote the lyrics of our own song and uploaded it.
SSH: Oh really?
SSH: I want to hear it!
YH: It’s our first time doing this so… it’s really..
YH: Should we sing.. should we sing the chorus for you briefly?
SH: … should we sing it?
SSH: Ah, yes sing it for me!
MC: They must be nervous.
MC: Because they have to sing it for their sunbae.
SSH: Wait..
SSH: You guys are singers, right?
SH: Wait a second!
YH: Our keys are different right now..
SO: It’s really nervewrecking to sing in front of a sunbae!
SH: What are you doing!
YH: It’s low!
SSH: So is the song like that?
SSH: I hope that we what are you doing~!
YH: Something like that..
SSH: Oh! It’s pretty good! Really!
SSH: The melody is very good.
YH&SH: Thank you.
SSH: I’ll be sure to listen to it.
YH&SH: Thank you!
SH: Please be healthy!
SH: Ah, Shin Seung Hun sunbae nim..
YH: Then I should call Go Mi Nam as well.
SH: Ah, Park Shin Hye unni?
YH: Yeah.
SH: Really? Wow!
PHONE: You are calling someone who is out of the country, a fee will apply.
YH: What?
SO: You need to hang up!
JW: You should hang up at that point.
PSH: Hello?
YH: Go Mi Nam~
PSH: Yah! What the??
YH: It’s been a while. Are you overseas?
PSH: I’m shooting a drama in Taiwan right now.
YH: Oh really?
YH: Hey Go Mi Nam! Seohyun is next to me right now~
PSH: Ah, hello~
SH: Hello, this is SNSD’s Seohyun!
PSH: Hello, this is Park Shin Hye!
PSH: Yah! Did you happen to… call me at this hour to brag that you have a wife??
YH: To brag about my wife, and also another reason came up to call you.
PSH: What is it?
YH: You know youtube right?
YH: We’re uploading a video of me and Seohyun together
PSH: -laughs-
YH: Why are you laughing!
PSH: To a lonely single.. you’re totally calling to brag!
YH: Sorry Shin Hye, I’ve been busy.
PSH: Among CN Blue, aren’t their members who are the same as you Seohyun shi? [NOTE: attaching “shi” at the end of a name makes it more formal]
SH: Yes there are
PSH: Can you not lower your speech to those members either?
SH: Well since they are friends of the same age, I can use banmal.
PSH: Yonghwa must be really jealous!
MC: Ah, she knows very well~
PSH: Yonghwa gets jealous very easily!
SH: Are there other things that I should know about Yonghwa oppa?
PSH: First off, he’s very weak to compliments.
PSH: When people don’t greet him brightly, his mood will be down the whole day!
MC: Did I greet him brightly last time?
SH: Ah that’s right~
PSH: If you just remember those things, Yonghwa will do everything else for you Seohyun shi.
SH: Ah, thank you.
YH: Thanks ShinHye, at this late hour..
PSH: I’m gonna search for the UCC and wait for it, without sleeping!
JM: Watching that.. it’s okay if I watch it right?
YH: Oh of course!
SH: It’ll sort of make you cringe.
JM: Well because I’m worried that Yonghwa will get jealous again..
YH: Hyung! I really don’t get jealous! [NOTE: hyung is a Korean term that guys use towards older guys that they are close to]
JM: He was really jealous last time.
JM: Oh and did you really buy our album? Last time you said that you were going to.
YH: I was waiting for it hyung!
JM: And don’t make our Seohyun cry..
YH: Hyung! I won’t!
JM: Always be good to her
JS: What are you two doing! At this late hour!
JS: I hope that you guys have a good night~!
[NOTE: all these captions refer to the popularity of the video, based off parodies, views, etc.]
MC: Ah, she went in the summer when they had a concert!
JS: Seohyun!
SH: Ah, good job!
JH: Hurry and hide!
SH: I’m a fan, please give me an autograph!
SH: Yonghwa oppa~! I’m a fan, please give me an autograph!
YH: I don’t have an autograph!
YH: You saw it? Where were you?
SH: In the second floor, at the very end.
YH: Mother! Oh, hyung!
MC: It’s her mother-in-laws!
YH: This is my wife!
MC: His mother is so pretty!
Mom: Oh hello!
YH: My father, my mother, and my older brother!
Mom: You should come to Busan one day
YH: I really want to..
Dad: I’ll buy you delicious food!
MC: Oh their father is very handsome!
SH: I get confused going back and forth from Japan
YH: What?
MC: Oh they’re going to Busan?
YH: Wait, where are our seats?
YH: Train 11, Seats 11C!
MC: Look at Seohyun’s hair! Tied up without any loose strands!
MC: Since she has to go to her in-laws and greet her mother-in-law.
MC: It’s a difficult position!
MC: She looks just like a daughter-in-law!
SH: Thank you~
YH: Okay have fun!
YH: This is 11C.
SH: Why did you wear glasses?
YH: I bought it yesterday!
SH: Oh it looks nice!
YH: Can’t I wear it?
YH: This is the sweet potatoes that we sowed.
YH: Aren’t you excited to be going to Busan?
SH: Yes..
YH: I’ve heard the rumors!

[Translated by DDuk]
SH: what Rumors?
YH: Rumors about what you’re going to do when you meet my parents.
SH: that… is … right…
MC: She is probably very nervous.
SH: I’m a little bit worried.
MC: Have you met them?
MC: Of course! Is there anything that I haven’t done?
YH: what are you worried about? Is my mom scary?
SH: No, its not like that… but….it a little…

SH: Oh I’m a little nervous.
YH: My father isn’t at home right now. (business trip I’m guessing)
SH : OH really?
YH: isn’t that going to be more relaxing for you?
MC: to be frank, it’s the father-in-law who gives it a more relaxing atmosphere.
MC: but in some instances its good to be close with the mother in law first.
YH: do you not like my dad?
SH: NO! I like your dad.
YH: you like him?
YH: how many times have you met him to say that you like him?
SH: Once.
SH: I saw him but I think his AURA (or presence) is really good.
YH: oh really?
MC : yeah , the father seemed like a good person.
SH: and your mother was very beautiful.

YH: since we are meeting in the morning, you like that?
SH: yes
SH: What are we going to do today ( at Busan).
YH: when we get to Busan, we have do important things.
SH: please tell me.
YH: we have to meet my parents, then my grandma,
YH: then meet my Aunt
YH: You have to meet my other Aunt:
SH: why are you doing this?
YH: we have to meet them throughout the whole day.
MC: oh this brings back memories. That person’s house was in Busan. I also took the train to get there.
MC: oh taking the train ride back by yourself would have been so hard.
SH: hurry, except that where are we going?
SH: Fish! (sushi)
YH: you want to eat sushi?
SH: I think I have to eat it.
YH: you’re going all the way to Busan why are you going to eat fish?
SH: Then what are we supposed to eat?
YH: since we are in Busan we have to eat hamburgers.
SH: Oh what?
MC: he is playing around again.
YH: you look like you’re going to hit me.
YH: Joohyun ah~ you have this side to you…
YH: It’s been a while since I went away
SH: yeah you are right. Then, when I first speak with your mother, I greet her with the Busan accent!
YH: ok lets try it. Is it different between girls and boys?
SH: oppa, how do you say hello?
YH I just say…. Parents… oh you came?
SH: oh! Why do you say it like that? (I’m guessing so bluntly and informally)
YH: it’s not like that…
SH: Oh Mom, You came.
YH: it’s not like that… it’s a lot of words bunched up into one.
YH: Oh, mother have you been doing well? + Oh Mother, I missed you. Is all rolled up into one. Mother, when did you get here?

SH: what is that!?
YH: it’s the truth
SH: So, what , right when I meet her I say Mother you came?
YH: oh no, for you it’s different.
YH: Hello mother, I really wanted to meet you.
SH: I really wanted to meet you
YH: Mother
SH: Mother
YH: I REALLY wanted to SEE you.
SH: I REALLY wanted to SEE you.
YH: wanted TO SEE you.
SH: wanted TO SEE you.
YH: oh it’s good. You do it well.
SH: do I do it well?
YH & SH: Mother! I REALLY wanted to SEE you.
YH: this how my mother speaks. OH~ Seohyun HELLO~ Please take care of yonghwa
YH: Please treat me well, you don’t have to worry.
SH: that, I’ll tell her later.
YH: then what…
SH: oh it’s nothing.
YH: Don’t smile with the eyes.
SH: I am not.
YH: my heart is beating faster because of it.
SH: OHHHh@!~~@!((~)*)!^&!
SH: mother,
SH: (w/ the accent) I really wanted to see you. Have you been well?
YH: you do it well.
SH: I do it well?
YH: yeah. You have to greet her like that.
SH: I understand
YH: Oh right I bought a present.
SH: what kind of present?
YH: wait a sec.
MC: without any warning, what is the present?
YH: when I was off buying my mother a present, I bought myself one and bought one for you.
MC: OHH I like how he just randomly brought it out.
YH: my mom said she needed a pair of sunglasses so I bought that and I bought you a pair of glasses.
SH: really? REALLY
YH: yeah really.
YH: Open it.
YH: what?!
SH: Something feels suspicious.
YH: Glasses are suspicious?
SH: I understand. 1 2 3!
YH: I bought it, I bought it, I bought it.
YH: They cut the price down. My rims are blue and yours is SNSD color.
MC: oh so that is why Yonghwa was wearing glasses.
MC: so it’s just to say that he bought the glasses.
SH: *makes heartbeat noise* tada!
YH: you have to unwrap one more layer.
SH: … there are a lot of Layers. Ohh! It’s pretty!
SH: thank you
YH: try it on.
SH: but glasses really don’t look good on me
YH: Even if it doesn’t look good, try them on. Why do you pretend that you don’t wear glasses?
SH: I don’t wear glasses.
YH: you did wear them before.
SH: no I don’t.
YH: I remember many years ago,
SH: I did wear them many years ago.
YH: Yeah, I saw you in a shop wearing them.
YH: you probably don’t remember. I was still then a trainee
SH: really?
YH: I can’t forget you in a bookstore reading a book with glasses on.
YH: everyone was sleeping but you were reading. I felt that you were special (somewhat different) from that moment on. Red glasses.
MC: oh she remembers!
YH: I want to forget it but I can’t
SH: I shall try it on. Oh but it really doesn’t work on me.
YH: it’s ok.
YH: oh it.. it’s good.
SH: it’s ok?
YH: it looks good on you (2x)
SH: Do you have a mirror?
YH: My eyes?
SH: I don’t see anything. But anyway thank you so much.
YH: it looks good.
SH: It looks good? You sure?
YH: it looks good.
MC: She looks good, she looks pretty.
SH: it’s awkward!

SH: I understand, since you bought it for me I have to wear it.

SH: now it’s getting hot, I have to take this off. I have something that I was wondering about.
YH: ask me a little bit later.
SH: alright.

YH: so what is it?
SH: Oh what is this?
YH: what is said between us, I don’t want others to hear it.
MC: ohhh! Why is he like that again.
YH: what is it? Tell me quickly!
SH raises her hands
YH: what is this?
SH: I’ve seen something funny.
YH: what have you seen that is funny?
SH: *in a Busan accent* DON’T FILM ME!!
MC: ohh it’s the video of him during his High School years, before he debuted.

*I can’t make out what the MC’s are saying.*

YH: it was during my 2nd year in High school.
SH: that video was really funny.
SH: do you still meet up with those friends?
YH: I do called them. But most of them are in the army.
SH: Oh the army.
SH: tada!
MC: ah~ I remember those.
SH: then, I’ll be sleeping.
YH: Seohyun, right here, right here.
MC: OHHH! He’s telling her to lean on his shoulder.
YH: right here
YH: don’t smear your makeup on me though
SH: oh really…
SH: I got it.
YH: Seohyun, It’s a white shirt.
MC: oh but he is saying not to get any makeup on his shirt. Why does he have to say unnecessary things?
MC: oh she leaned on him
MC: oh! Look at them!
SH: oh REALLY! I’ll be sleeping.
YH: Sleep well Seohyun.
MC: oh they get really close to each other!
YH: it’s ok now?
SH: yes, I’m comfortable.
YH: sleep well
SH: Ok
YH: give me some cover too.
MC: oh~ you can hold hands under the cover
MC: I’m so jealous! Do you want to cover up with my skirt?
SH: Mother! I really wanted to meet you.

MC: she is practicing huh?
MC: she is keeping practicing.
YH: have you been well?
MC: Lizzy, you’re from Busan.
Lizzy: Oh I can do it well.
MC: talking in a Seoul accent is hard
Lizzy: I can do it completely well!
SH: the weather all of a sudden became nice
YH: it’s because we are in Busan. Oh it’s Busan! It’s Busan!

On the microphone: Please get your belonging ready….
YH: I got it.

YH: welcome to dynamic Busan!

YH: mother where are you?
YHmom: OHHH YONGHWA! I’m outside! You already came?
YH: we got off (as in we got off the train)
MC: I have a feeling that all Busan moms sound like that.
<outside the co-op is the mother in law.
MC: Yonghwa sounds really excited

SH: mother!

YH: Mother!
Lizzy: mother!
MC’s: mother.
SH: MOTher, Have you BEEN DOING Well?
YH: Oh~! Seohyun! Have you ever lived in Busan before?
SH: I just learned it
YH: I JUST learned it
SH: I JUST learn it
MC: it’s fun when talking in a Busan accent.

MC: yeah it’s fun its like learning a new language.
SH: mother,
YH: wow It’s been a while since I’ve been here.
SH: oh! And the weather is nice!
SH: Mother…
SH: oh! Hello!YH: oh wow! Mother looks really cool today.
SH: Hello!

YHmom: it’s nice to meet you!
YH: you look so cool!
SH: really! You look so pretty!
YH: She practiced her accent to say that to you.
YHmom: oh really!? Say it again.
SH: MOTher, I REALLY wanted TO SEE you
YHMom: Oh really!?
MC: Yonghwa’s mom s really beautiful.
YH: You came out looking cool!
YHmom: This is how I originally look! Anyway my daughter in law was coming today, I had to look nice!
SH: have you been doing well?
YHmom: yes, I have been doing well. You’re hungry right?
SH: yes, a little bit.
YHmom: lets go eat something really good today.
MC: its like seeing a mom and daughter together. And yonghwa looks like… another relative
MC: but seeing this is more beautiful
YHmom: shall we go?
YH: lets go!
YHmom: have you even been to Busan before?
SH:I have but I never got the chance to look around.
YHmom: what do you want to see the most?
SH: Haeundae (a little city/town by the beach)
YHMom: oh really!?
YH: REALLY? My mom has a lot of Aeygo.
SH: yes! I really like it.
YHmom: I couldn’t sleep well yesterday.
YH: Why? Is it because I was coming down today?
YHmom: No, besides you. I kept thinking of Seohyun.
SH: Oh really?!
MC: oh yonghwa must have felt sad
YHMom: I don’t have any daughters. I have never been introduced to a girlfriend before.
SH: really?
YH: you’re the first girl.
YHMom: what am I supposed to do….when I meet Seohyun do I have to raise my voice?
SH: please speak however makes you more comfortable.
YHmom: but for some weird reason I keep talking in banmal.
SH: thank you very much.
YHMom: I can speak in Banmal right?
MC: I have to do that to later on when I see my daughter in law. I can speak in banmal right?
MC: OH! It’s so scary/awkward!
YH: Before Seohyun was preparing her greetings, insisting on greeting you with a busan accent.
YHmom: you didn’t say it.
YH: no she did it…
YHMom: oh she did it.
YH: Seohyun, try it again once more.
SH: right now?
YHmom: can you do again?
SH: I can do it well. MOTher, HAVE YOU BEEN well?
YHMom: It’s a little bit weird
YHMom: It’s a little weird. Original version is… Mother, have you been doing well?
YHMom: Ahh It’s BEEN a WHile
YH: oh this is the important part,
YH & YHMom: AH,~ It’s been a while

Everyone: Ahh it’s been a while!
YH: Looks very cool
MC: Kka lee Ah Nae ( same this as cool in seoul dialect but kka lle ah nae is in the busan dialect)
YHMom: Is this place suitable for you?
SH: yes! It’s very pretty!
YH: yahh it’s really nice.
SH: So you grew up here looking at all of this. I envy you. Ah~ it’s nice
Store owner: HELLO!
YH: sit down~
SH: yes
YHMom: is it suitable for you?
SH: yes, it’s so pretty
YHMom: when you’re at home, the mother should come and make good food….
SH: oh it’s alright.
YHMom: Next time I’ll cook you something really nice at home.
YH: I’ll do it~ (aeygo )
YHMom: am I acting strangely?
MC: oh ~ the mom is adorable.
MC: during that time, the man has to loosen the tension.
YH: are you uncomfortable?
SH: no I’m not, why are you doing this?
SH: I wrote it down.
SH: I wrote it down in my diary, but
MC: She did write everything.
SH: but when I look back and think about it, it looked like as if it was an interview, back then I said wait a minute, looked down then asked another question back then. I just wrote them down and said that I just have to remember them. But as soon as I sat down… I couldn’t remember any of the questions.

1)when yong was a child, what kind of child was he during, kindergarden, elementary, junior high and high school?
2) what did yong like back then
MC: It feels exactly like an interview
SH: yep. ACK!

YHMom: I suddenly feel like a old woman. You coming down with your wife.
YH: I was already a grown man.

YHMom: Yonghwa is always playful
SH: but even then he still takes care of me
YH: I’m not a playful person.
SH & YHMom: You are a playful person.
SH: What was he like when he was younger?
YHMom: when yong was younger? He was a very lovable child? Where ever he goes, everyone loved him He is my son.
YH: I was a lovable kid.
YHMom; Yonghwa doesn’t call you much does he?
SH: oh yes.
YHMom: at the beginning I was really sadden by that. ( I really don’t understand this part SRRY GUYS!) But I think that that is Yonghwa’s style. Deep inside he does have the feelings
MC: Usually that’s applies all sons
YHMom: you do that to her too ?
YH: no, You’re comfortable…
SH:… probably…
SH: when we are here he have to do well!
YHMom: Please call often!
YH: Alright….
SH: Let all the feelings out to your parents.

YHMom: when I went to your dorm, there was the kimchi that you made Seohyun.

MC: you remember this!? Sea water kimchi!

YHMom: when I first saw it I was surprised. This kimchi box looks sort of weird. This is kimchi…..but it looks sort of off..
SH: It was really my first time make it so I put too much salt in it.
YH: you learn one thing at a time. I ate all of it, Seohyun. I ate it deliciously.
SH: really?
YHMom: it would be fine if it ripens and it would taste cool.
YH: pwahah taste cool.
SH: did you taste it?
YHMom: yes.

YHMom: it has the taste of kimchi!
MC: it prob. Tasted like it b/c it is made from cabbage.
MC: her face became all red.
YHMom: have you learned how to cook?
SH: I do have a lot of interest in cooking but I haven’t been able to try cooking. But I am now.
YHMom: Like what?
MC: OHHHH like what!?!
YHMom: Oh my goodness, I sound like a stereotypical mother in law!
SH: kimchi-stew, and Curry.
YHMom: ohh Curry is the easiest to make,
SH: to tell you the truth I can’t cook that well. But I would like to learn from you and make a delicious meal.


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