[TRANSLATIONS]Preview YongSeo couple eps 39

Yonghwa ♡ Seohyun: We came to Busan~!!
The YongSeo brand ‘Banmal Song’ finally uploaded after a lot of troubles!
What are Yonghwa ♡ Seohyun’s surprise guests to spread it all over the world?
And their surprise thoughts being revealed, Yong is the master of jealousy?

Yonghwa ♡ Seohyun taking the train and leaving for Busan, Yong husband’s hometown!
His mother says she will greet the couple at Busan station~
Yong husband excited to be going back home vs. Hyun wife nervous at meeting her mother-in-law!
Receives a satoori [dialect] lesson from Yong to be friendlier with her mother-in-law~

Will she able to perfectly emulate (?) Busan satoori in front of her?
Eating lunch at a sushi restaurant with a great view!
What is “my son’s secret(?)” that Yong’s mother revealed?

credit: MountainMadman @Soompi official seohwa thread

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