[TRIVIA] Update on YongSeo Couple’s Wishlist

update on the wishlist after the cut 🙂

1. Get a Driving License
2. Ride a bike in a trip
3. Compose a song together >>>>>>> STEP 1
4. Charity Event
5. Regular Execise
6. Guitar Performance together >>>>>>>> STEP 2
7. Save money for a ring
8. Visit Busan
9. Visit both family
10. Write a diary

cr. dcmarried ; reuploaded by jaslovesyg@iloveyongseo

They still haven’t completed their list yet! Their Busan episode hasn’t aired yet and I think they haven’t met each other’s family yet except for Yonghwa’s mother.. They haven’t rode a bike yet too! We have a lot to look forward to! 🙂


One Comment on “[TRIVIA] Update on YongSeo Couple’s Wishlist”

  1. kerobear says:

    i hope they dont end the show after completing the list

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