[NEWS][Translations] SeoHyun Meets Her Mother-In-Law in Busan

소녀시대 서현이 시어머니와 첫 대면을 하게 됐다.

서현은 최근 MBC ‘우리 결혼했어요'(우결) 촬영에서 씨엔블루 정용화의 고향인 부산을 방문하게 됐다. 서현은 부산역으로 마중 나온 정용화의 어머니와 함께 해운대 한 일식집에서 식사를 하게 됐다.

상도동 새댁 서현은 시어머니와의 첫 만남에 잔뜩 긴장했다. 서현은 시어머니에게 친근하게 다가가기 위해 부산 억양과 제스처를 연마하고 평소와 다른 식성을 보였다.

서현은 과연 며느리로 합격점을 받을 수 있을까?

8일 오후 5시 10분 방송.

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SNSD’s Seohyun met her mother-in-law for the first time.

She recently visited Yonghwa’s hometown, Busan, during filming for ‘We Got Married’ (WGM). She had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Haewoondae with Jung Yonghwa’s mother, who met her at the train station.

The Sangdo-dong wife Seohyun displayed nervousness at their first meeting. In order to get closer to her mother-in-law, she showed interest in Busan accent and customs and showed a different eating habit than normal.

Will she able to receive a passing grade as a housewife?

Broadcast on the 8th, 5:10 PM.

cr.MountainMadman (translation) @ soompi; tip from CheriMerci @ soompi; DC Inside

OH I’m dying from happiness!!
See that picture Gogumas??? Our YongSeo.. OMG.. *faint*

I can’t wait for this Saturday!!
YongSeo is REAL!!! ♥♥♥


10 Comments on “[NEWS][Translations] SeoHyun Meets Her Mother-In-Law in Busan”

  1. Minh says:

    It is interesting when seeing them together, i don’t want to wait until this Saturday. Besides, i don’t want them leave WGM show. My Saturday has more meaningful because of this couple.

  2. jOH-eUN says:

    It’s “meet the parents” this time. Oh the mother in law won’t hesitate giving our Hyun a 101%. I bet she’s glued on TV every Saturday monitoring her daughter in law, spazzing how she’s so DAEBAK with Yong.

  3. gelap says:

    can’t wait….

  4. lemonade says:

    kyaaaaaaaa so cutee:DD cant waitt!:DD

  5. mnmgirl says:

    omoooo can’t wait to watch this ep!!! kyaa!!!

  6. pung says:


  7. munyitaa says:

    whoaaaa! daebak!
    its really different from the previous scene in the train. now they use their shoulders not neck pillow anymore!

  8. caca says:

    this pic is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo DAEBAK!!!
    they look so cute!!!
    oh my oh my
    can’t sleep

  9. tyd says:

    omooooooooo!!!! whoaaah i scream like crazy when i see the pict… aaahh i’m really in my go-chun now!! wanna use some travel machine to go to this saturday… thank you so much for sharing this, it really brings my mood up… yongseo daebakkkk ^^v

  10. Thika says:


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