[PHOTOS][Memories] YongSeo Couple: From Nothing To Something

Firstly, I’m gonna say sorry for the cheesy title of this post, but I think those title are the best words to illustrate this entire post >__>

Another daebak Goguma villager made this well-done caps comparing YongSeo couple from the first time they met until now..

Please anticipate for this, gogumas πŸ˜€

First: YongHwa’s gaze towards SeoHyun.

The first reaction;Β the gaze that has made all Gogumas spazzing at the time; and the way he looks at Hyun now.

From 3 Gogumas to 6 Gogumas.

From awkward to comfortable.

From eating by themselves to feeding each other. What a difference, eh?

From the awkwardness with CN bros to the laughter and jokes together.

From Yong learn the ‘Genie’ dance to learn the ‘Hoot’ dance.

See how SeoHyun’s aegyo improves day by day?? πŸ˜€

The first time they met, Hyun got panicked because she didn’t want Yong to see her photos on her camera. Now she just leans back and waits for him to get less anxious.

Even the difference on how they walk together! πŸ˜€

We cannot forget the daebak reenactment.

Yong’s two gifts that he made personally, and…

Hyun’s reactions to them.

From the awkward arm-linking to the lovely and natural one.

Remember this horror-special scene? LOL at YongHwa hiding behind SeoHyun XD

‘I Love You’ back then, and ‘I Love You’ now.

From a shy and awkward laugh to a big and overjoyed laugh! XD

Their holding hand, now and then.

Hyun piggyback-ing Yong.. Yong piggyback-ing Hyun. LOL πŸ˜€

We can never forget the story of the “IT” rings.. From 2000 won rings to a pair of silver rings XD

And finally the last one.. Each time, a step closer πŸ™‚

cr.aisuo415 @ soompi; re-uploaded by aeria9 of iloveyongseo

Oh my, these caps are the best to see how much our YongSeo has improved until now!

And yes.. They really have improved a lot πŸ™‚


15 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Memories] YongSeo Couple: From Nothing To Something”

  1. Pemi says:

    love it !!
    thanks a lot, it’s Great !!

  2. ~OMO!!

    how sweet..



  3. andryan says:

    daebakkkkk… sweet couple, really dont want it end on 2011… make a real couple yongseo… fighting!!!!

  4. andryan says:

    lovely yongseo… they’re naturally couple, daebakkkkk… make to the real couple relationship… we love you… ❀

  5. Meirilin says:

    hyun surely tries hard for their relationship. It makes Yong more comfortable now. Glad to see their progress!! Goguma Couple jjang!!

  6. jaslovesyg says:

    OMG!! This was really touching!! I just realized how much I love them!!

  7. nuhad says:


  8. izzci says:

    i hope thay even if their show ends you’d still post new,facts,videos about them as individual,with their respective group or hoping together…^_^

  9. jeh089 says:

    woah ❀ You're great!!!
    now I can clearly see the difference πŸ™‚

  10. meiria says:

    i smile when i see those pictures.. you`re doing a good job!! love yongseo!! and gumawo ❀

  11. falcon says:

    i like the fact about “from 2000 won rings to a pair of silver rings…

  12. daisuki23 says:

    thank you so much for posting all updates of my favorite YONGSEO couple.. I wish that their relationship becomes more special, meaningful, and stronger in 2011.. I believe that “YongSeo” is real..

    to all Goguma Couple Shippers, CNBLUE & SNSD fanatic out there, let’s support our Yong & Hyun ~ always! Hontoni Daebak!

  13. Juita says:

    Really sweets….!!!! Just make you more anxious to know their every improvement….make you can’t wait to watch the next episode…

  14. Juita says:

    Really sweets….!!!! Just make you more anxious to know their every improvement….make you can’t wait to watch then ext episode…

  15. sakurabao says:

    It’s so touching

    thank you so much for this

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