[TRIVIA] Yonghwa wants Seohyun to call him ” Yonghwa Ya” ?

At the caption, yong wants hyun to call him “yonghwa ya


Yong:  At the end, say ‘I understand Yonghwa-ya’  (really informal way of addressing someone)

Hyun:  (laughing) What?

Yong: ‘I understand, Yonghwa oppa’

Hyun: Ah~… I understand…. I understand (cutely&informally)

Caption: ~blank (expression)

Yong:   (is shy) Ack, don’t say it cutely (or it could be: don’t try to be cute ㅋㅋㅋ)

remember gogumas? in one of the many interviews that yong did, he wished that one day, his girl would call him “yonghwa ya”. He said his heart would explode if his girl were to call him ‘yonghwa ya’


Back to YongHwa’s [and CN Blue] interview in Inkigayo Magazine which was taken last June 20, 2010. That magazine interview had the drawing of YongHwa’s “Ideal” girl too.


Reposting here a snippet of the interview from that magazine:


Official Inkigayo Magazine, Take 7 July Issue (Interview 20 June 2010)


We Got Married – My regular program that I always think about. It does not leave my mind.

Dancing is hard! – I like to dance but because I can’t [dance well]!

Voice/Throat care and voice/throat treatment – Because of my voice nodules, I tend to pay a lot of attention to it.

MCing is becoming fun! – Its becoming more fun. Haha!


On Ideal Girl:


YongHwa: The picture I drew is exactly what my type is. It would be nice if she was a woman who is pure and innocent and could be a wise mother and a good wife. If she were to shyly call out my name, “Yonghwa-yah~”, I think my heart just might explode. Every time her natural hair waves/flutters, I’d like it if there was the sweet scent of her shampoo. A womanly woman! This is exactly the type of girl I want. Is there no one like her?


It was in this interview also when he first said that he likes/prefers “a day when it rains” more because…


YongHwa: It would be great if it rained. I like the days when it rains. When I can listen to the sound of the rain without any thoughts that’s when I’m most happy. For me, good weather means a rainy day. Just cool, feels good just looking at. It sounds good, too. On rainy days watching TV…eating ramen… I just love those feelings.


[link: FMV – When It Rains http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boKljfYKh2A]

(cr: genxv)


So it was after that said magazine interview when we all have started to associate a “Rainy Day” with YongSeo couple as they always seem to have met and filmed before everytime it rained [i.e. it was raining when they first met; it was raining on their first trip to the beach; it was raining on the day when they transfered to their new house; it was raining during the Ueno Juri Episode].

cr: jnj, miel_1301@soompi & dalear

Taken from: yongseo couple@facebook



4 Comments on “[TRIVIA] Yonghwa wants Seohyun to call him ” Yonghwa Ya” ?”

  1. eunice says:

    It was also raining on the day they did their duet on their 200th Day. 😀

  2. munyitaa says:

    ahh yo~Ong oppa.. is so sweet 🙂

  3. lemonade says:

    for once,i want to hear seohyun said “yonghwa -ya ” to him .
    aaahhh so cute

  4. Thika says:

    Oh….so sweeetttt……

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