[NEWS] SeoHyun and YongHwa Complete Their ‘Banmal Song’ Recording on “We Got Married”

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun finally revealed the final process to the creation of their couple song on this week’s MBC’s “We Got Married.”
They had earlier received a mission asking them to create a couple song, so Yonghwa took charge of the song’s melody, while Seohyun added lyrics, creating a perfect harmonization.

Their song was finally completed and uploaded onto Youtube through their sweetpotato4339 account on December 26th and has since recorded over a miliion views. In the video, the two appear side by side on a sofa, greeting the viewers in Korean, English, Japanese, Mandarin, and Thai before recording.

In the middle of the recording, the two hold a conversation in which Seohyun asks, “Hey, Ong. You wanted to hear me speak informally, right? You know that it’s hard for me.. How much do you want to hear me speak it?“ Yonghwa replies, “A lot.”

Surprisingly, on the episode aired on December 1st, it was revealed that Seohyun actually didn’t play the guitar in the UCC video.

Although appearing to be strumming the strings in the actual video, Seohyun explained her secret stating that she was actually strumming in the air and that Yonghwa was the one performing everything.

In behind-the-scenes footage also aired with the broadcast, their NG cuts were also revealed.

Due to the repeated mistakes, Yonghwa is seen frustrated with the lack of progress, leading MCs watching in the studio to comment, “He looks like an elementary school student that is throwing a fuss because things aren’t going as he had planned.

Source: Star News, Newsen via Nate
Taken from: Allkpop

If you haven’t watched today’s episode of WGM, I suggest you to watch it!
Their expressions when  they did mistakes are so cute! 😀

Also, from this, we all know that YongSeo couple really put their effort themselves to make this video 🙂


One Comment on “[NEWS] SeoHyun and YongHwa Complete Their ‘Banmal Song’ Recording on “We Got Married””

  1. munyitaa says:

    yes! they both looks so funny 🙂

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