[NEWS] Microphone Incident – Jung YongHwa’s Professionalism Shines

The audio breakdown during the 2010 KBS Music Festival could have brought damage to the broadcast but CN Blue Jung Yonghwas quick thinking solved the issue.

During the 30th December 2010 KBS Music Festival broadcast, CN Blue appeared on the dark stage, with their costumes and musical instrument in blue fluorescent outlines, raising interest from all the audience and viewers.

However, when Jung Yonghwa started singing the first verse of “I’m A Loner” on stage, the microphone suddenly stopped working causing him to look rather confused and embarrassed.

Thankfully at that time, Jung Yonghwa’s professionalism helped him to escape the crisis. He missed a few lines of the song, but seeing Lee Jonghyun standing near him, he quickly grabbed Jonghyun’s microphone and then went out front to carry on with the performance.

Ignoring the incident, Jung Yonghwa continued performing. Excited by the audience’s response, he jumped off the stage and in an instant the atmosphere (in the hall) changed as if it was a CNBlue concert.

The MC of the show watched the performance in amazement and remarked “That was quite something. I thought we were in CNBlue concert just now.”

Source/Credit: consumertimes.net [news],
Translated + re- posted by: fizzy@cnbluestorm

Wow, I can’t say anything to our Yong but “wow”.

He’s really a pro! Look at how he handled the mic and earpiece problems calmly, yet he’s still able to owned the audience!!

You can see the video here:

cr.Unknowncarrot170 @ YouTube

(The sound problems started at 01:29)


5 Comments on “[NEWS] Microphone Incident – Jung YongHwa’s Professionalism Shines”

  1. lovelight says:

    haha! cool!!!

  2. munyitaa says:

    yes! he is really professional
    its awesome!
    allkpop should put it!

  3. rhachelle says:

    i hope that this article will be posted to allkpop.com so that not only boices and yongseo shippers would know but also the other kpop fanatics. i want them to know how talented our yong is :DD

  4. Nochi says:

    wow …

    Yong’s Hyun JJangg ><

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