[TRANSLATIONS] Fanaccount of Maknae Special Stage

After the girls finished their recordings, Taemin came up and was hanging in the mid-air. They were preparing for the Maknaes special stage. Everybody was just rehearsing because Seohyun was still changing her outfit. Actually they themselves were not familiarize with the performance because they were practicing the last dance moves together at one corner. After a while, a group of people went onto the stage and helped someone to deal with the wires and the scarfs. The keypoint was that despite that she was so busy, she still waved and greeted us. That’s right…that person is woori obedient maknae~~

Seohyun ascended slowly and she goes higher and higher. It feels very scary when we saw Taemin was hanging so high in the mid air but never thought that they would hang Seohyun in the mid air higher that Taemin. Alot of the fangirls screamed but woori maknae didnt change her expression. Not sure what had happened, the second recording stopped not long after it started and they took a long time to recover. We were shouting, “Release our Seohyun first!” We were so worried that she would be afraid because it’s so pitch dark up there and the place was infested with all sorts of insects but surprisingly maknae was very calm and steady. We were kind of relieved when we saw two or three staffs were up there accompanying her. On the ground floor, Sulli was looking at Seohyun…

Finally when they were going to start recording, we were being asked to stand up to adjust our sitting arrangement. So when everyone was retreating, maknae suddenly descended. OMG, she’s so beautiful and looked like an angel/goddess! Everybody stood rooted to the ground but immediately shouted, “Seohyun Jjang! Seohyun Jjang!” It was one shot ok for maknae. It was perfect and nothing goes wrong so there’s no need for second recording. She then bid goodbye~ thus that marks the end of our girls performance and soon they are flying to Japan…

cr eleven09ing
Shared by rxp080100@seohwa soompi

There are also accounts that say that SBS staff left Seohyun hanging in the air for 10 minutes or more. Apparently the recording got delayed and she was left up there and the staff may have forgot that she was still up there. Now that alone is disturbing but what’s more disturbing is that there is an account that says that there weren’t any safety measures. If that’s true then only thing that stood between Seohyun and a possible death was those two wires.

On a brighter note she was the only one who did recording of his or part only once. The others did multiple recordings of performing their parts.This basically means that Seohyun did a good job on her first  try that the PD didn’t see a need for having her do her part again.

Cr: specialist@snsd soompi

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