[PHOTOS] YongSeo Couple Won The ‘Popular Couple’ Award at MBC Entertainment Award

YongSeo couple won the Popularity Award at MBC Entertainment Award (29th December 2010).

But since neither YongHwa nor SeoHyun could attend the event, CN Blue brothers were accepting the awards on their behalf.

cr. soleilavery @ twitter, Hesperide @ soompi

Here are some pictures when CN Brothers accepting the awards 😀



I’m so proud of our couple even though they can’t come to the event!

And, CN Blue bros look so cool here,don’t they? 😀

It seems that JungShin chingu gave the speech ~


12 Comments on “[PHOTOS] YongSeo Couple Won The ‘Popular Couple’ Award at MBC Entertainment Award”

  1. Nary says:

    Hi everyone? How are u ? I need friend in another country. U can? Pls good luck

  2. munyitaa says:

    but at kbs gayo daejun.. yong wore his ring as a necklace..

  3. lemonade says:

    someone told me they broke up! and ask me to wait for the next WGM
    why why? aaaa please tell me it’s JUST a silly joke:(

  4. lemonade says:

    i dont think they broke up
    but everytime i ask in YT
    they hide my comment
    i dont know why. but if you saw GAYO DAEJUN neither of them wearing the ring
    and their faces both very serious
    someone! please let me know! i hate this kind of curiosity

  5. hafiq890 says:

    erm..did they broke up? 😐 sum1 mention they are not wearing their couple’s ring~

  6. lee suki says:

    chuka chuka
    ahhhhhh yongseo daebak
    i love you so much

  7. lemonade says:

    i was wondering did yonghwa and seohyun had a fight because both of them didnt wear their ring in GAYO DAEJUN?

  8. nachanadia says:

    yongseo hwaiting!!!!

  9. jajirain says:

    love yongseo

  10. Nining says:

    huaaa… Yongseo daebak!!
    ❤ ❤

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