[NEWS] We Got Married – YongSeo, From Banmal To Piggyback

Seohyun,who’s part of the YongSeo couple who doesn’t have any expereince in Love spoke Banmal more natually and Displayed more Skinship with Husband Yong.

On MBC’s We Got Married Season 2 that aired on 25th December, Yonghwa and Seohyun were seen finishing up the Banmal song and going to the Han Garden for a Date. On this day, while the both of them were creating the lyrics for the song, The couple spoke of the time and feelings when they first met and how they developed.  Seohyun said out her feelings that can’t be said directly towards Yong when they were starting to become closer.

During this time, For the both of them to become closer and for Seohyun to say Banmal Natually, Yonghwa had a bet. Even though it’s Awkward, Seohyun still managed to learn the ”skills” of speaking Banmal. The both of them also started to become closer slowly……

Also, Skinship during the episode were seen as well. Recently, the both of them were successful in Holding hands and linking arms. This time, Yonghwa Piggybacked Seohyun. Because Yonghwa said Seohyun is very heavy, she became embarrassed. However, the both of them at that time looked more natuaral.

On the other side, Jo Kwon who was a couple with Gain on WGM Said: When Seohyun held hands for the first time, I screamed in shocked”.

Credits: Baidu Goguma News Team
Translation Credits (From Chinese): WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews


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