[TRANSLATIONS][RUMOR] YongSeo not leaving WGM

I also tagged this as rumor since we don’t know if it’s a reliable source or not but the influx of questions and worries of Gogumas about YongSeo leaving WGM because they already have their wedding photoshoot increased when the rumor about them having the photoshoot was revealed..

Credit: 小雨 from BaiduGoguma shared by Claude71@seohwa soompi thread



translations after the cut.. 🙂

Gogumas, do not need to worry about Yongseo couple leaving WGM.

YH and SH will be busy during January and they will have very little time in Korea. (all the overseas schedules I think)
Thus, lots of shooting are taken during december.
Yongseo couple contract will only end earliest next year (mid)
The information above is from one of the WGM staff. So everyone, don’t worry.
Also, it is rumored that SM company want SH’s 21st birthday to be in WGM.
Believe it or not, is up to everyone.
MBC won’t easily let go of this couple.

I hope this would be enough to calm Gogumas hearts for now.. I doubt they will leave We Got Married.. so let’s not worry too much.. YongSeo Fighting!! Gogumas Fighting!!


10 Comments on “[TRANSLATIONS][RUMOR] YongSeo not leaving WGM”

  1. fienalavender says:

    woah…happy mode back again….relieved!!!
    crying happily…i really love them…
    my heart beating fast after i red the news until now i read this passage….really glad ^^
    thanks to all…let’s support them yeah!!

  2. YONGSEO says:

    yongseo is the only thing i want to watch on wgm T_T

  3. meredith says:

    I can’t stand if there is no yongseo couple in WGM.
    I watch WGM is only to see them .. I think they should remain in WGM, because it always gives something positive to the fans.

  4. lemonade says:

    im relieved:)
    but mid year on 2011 is too soon:(

  5. munyitaa says:

    please don’t end it soon! please! begging for that so much… 😦
    i love yongseo couple.
    thats the reason why I watch wgm.. please until 3years! or even more.. 😦

  6. rhachelle says:

    can i cry right now? NOOOOOO! feb. 26 is getting nearer! im gonna miss this couple! supeeeeer miss! T.T my heart is so heavy right now. 😦

  7. Check says:

    The wedding episode.. and it breaks my heart to say this but I have read from dcmarried that it is the final episode and here it their final schedule as their 1 yr contract with MBC expires Feb 2th, 1 yr to the date of their first episode. I don’t know why there is no renewal probably due to their busy commitments which seem the most likely with SNSD looking to further in Japan.

    And heres the final schedule lineup of YongSeo… Aww my tears are coming out…

    Jan 1st – Making of BanMal MV
    Jan 8th – Busan Filming 1/3
    Jan 15th – Busan Filming 2/3
    Jan 22nd – Busan Filming 3/3
    Jan 29th – Skiing 1/2
    Feb 5th – Skiing 2/2
    Feb 12th – Wedding preparation 1/2
    Feb 19th – Actual wedding
    Feb 26th – Final goodbye probably flashbacks from the past episodes

    • jaslovesyg says:

      Gogumas from Soompi said that this one is just a rumor so I guess we have nothing to worry about. Did you get this trans from somewhere? I hope this news doesn’t spread anymore.. 😦

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Yudhistira A.M.A and Sinta Dewi. Sinta Dewi said: RT @iloveyongseo: [TRANSLATIONS][RUMOR] YongSeo not leaving WGM: http://t.co/zHZdCJS […]

  9. novaXD says:

    huhuhu! T.T im beginning to feel sad knowing that Yongseo’s contract will end mid next year. :DD i have been watching WGM because of this couple and this couple ONLY. if they are going to end, then how am i suppose to adjust to my weekly life? i hope they will end up together after WGM and i hope they will give us updates on their daily lives. :((

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