[RUMOR] YongSeo Wedding Photoshoot


2 hours ago they were having their wedding photoshoot in one of the studios at Apgujeong (my unnie’s boyfriend’s workplace). it’s wedding photoshoot~~ Everybody please anticipates it!!!

cr.besti via  _shikshin@twitter


translate by 小雨
english translations by fannyluluu@seohwa soompi thread

they take wedding photos from 7:00 AM today in a photostudio …………
and DC fans confirm that this information is true!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY! WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT! Note though that I tagged this post as [RUMOR].. Until the confirmation of the wedding photoshoot shows up.. Let’s still treat this as a rumor.. BUT… OMG! I have been waiting for this!!! HAHAHA!! I’m so excited!! I really hope this is true!!!!


One Comment on “[RUMOR] YongSeo Wedding Photoshoot”

  1. novaXD says:

    yaaaaaay! im soooooooooo excited. ❤

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