[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Conversations on ‘Banmal Song’ MV

YS: 1 2 3 Hello (Korean English Japanese Mandarin Thai). We are Yongseo couple’s…
Y: I’m Yong
S: I’m Seo
Y: What have we prepared today, Hyun?
S: Today we prepared a couple song that we, the Yongseo couple, wrote personally, called the ‘Banmal Song’.
Y: It’s a nice song and we hope everyone will enjoy it. We will perform right now.

*sings first verse-chorus*

S: You know what, Yong?
Y: What?
S: Do you really want to hear banmal from me?
Y: Ah… it will be good if I’m able to.
S: But you know that banmal is hard for me right?
Y: Why is it hard?
S: Err… I really tried very hard… It’s really difficult. How much do you want to hear me speak banmal?
Y: A lot.

*sings again*

S: I understand, Yong. (in banmal)
Y: Me too.

credits –
translation: wishwash @SeoHwa soompi thread + camjenny @baidu goguma bar
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