[NEWS] Seohyun Successfully Enlightened members!

The word “enlightened” can be in 2 forms/types. One is enlightened with a positive connotation attached to it, while the other form is a leaping type of change, but it can still be consider a type of enlightenment!That particular chosen member is actually… their dismay (?)!
Being the Maknae of SNSD and the one who is always known as the ‘role model’ of SNSD by her onnies, it has been public’s knowledge that SeoHyun is the “prim and proper/serious” type! Prim and Proper/serious here refers to the fact that regardless of what she does, it will always be the right thing to do; for example she has never ruin her own image and always continues to do what she believes in. If she feels that she is not performing as well as her onnies, she will keep on practicing on her own until she meets her own expectations! SeoHyun also persisted in going to school without any complains that it is tiring to juggle work with school as she remains committed to her beliefs that “Being an idol doesn’t mean that the person has no substance/depth”. In order to prove this point, she persisted in continuing her studies! The “prim and proper” SeoHyun still remains, but just that after becoming the “sweet potato couple” in WGM2, we have to admit that the Maknae we know has really changed! Not only does she now know how to get along with boys, she even took the huge initiative to hold YongHwa’s hands~ Also, she no longer shuns away from having skinship with “Husband Yoong”. In contrast to the awkwardness between YongHwa and her and how she kept her distance in the beginning, the SeoHyun now is much more open and cheerful!
credit: DarthVader@soshified for scan, aisuo415@soompi
translation by bluedolphin30
taken from: sweetpotatodays

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