[TRANSLATIONS] Lyrics of the Banmal Song by Yong and Hyun

credit to: gogumas in baidu 红薯吧新闻组 ; scatterbrain@seohwa soompi thread

Hyun’s Lyric
words of thanks, words of greetings
these are too hard for me
really thank you, really grateful
i can only say these words
because it is first time to everything
i’m actually very clumsy
how to say, what to say
today i’m also (i don’t understand the word. trying to search for it. ‘ll be back) i’m still hesitant

yong’s lyric
hopefully we can be a banmal relationship
though still unnatural
rather than saying “gomawoyo”
let me hear more intimate words
we can have a banmal relationship
one step at a time, slowly walk closer
look at me in the eye
can you tell me
“I love you”

Awwww.. the lyrics are really heartfelt!! I’m so excited for the whole song! It will be a reflection on how they feel for each other! 🙂


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