[TRANSLATIONS] Ep 37 translations

(ahaha ahaha ahaha)

(He’s still at it…)
SH: Ahh~ What is this…
YH: Why.. okay, I’m going to stop
YH: How’s this? It’s good right?
SH: Eraseit now!
YH: Okay, I’ll stop now
YH: I’m just playing around
SH: It’s quite fun
YH: Do you want try singing the first part of thesong?
YH: You don’t have too think too much into it
(YH singing gibberish English)
YH: The lyrics automatically come along as you aresinging it
SH: Just doit freely?

(Jonghyun’s peeping in)
YH: Jonghyun is good at this
JH: What’s up?
YH: Come demonstrate for a bit
(Bro-in-law coming into the room)
JH: Which song? Let’s hear it.
YH: Placeholders in the first verse
JH: Placeholders? What version do you prefer? InJapanese or?
SH: Japanese
(BIL Jonghyun singing in gibberish Japanese…)
JH: Justsing it out freely
SH: Freely?
YH: Nobody will know, others will think there’s somemeaning to it.

(Minhyuk pops his head in at this time)
JH: Minhyuk is here
SH: Hi~
MH: I left something here, came to get it.
MH: What are you guys doing?
YH: Minhyuk-ah, that’s Seohyun’s coat!
YH: Who allowed you to hug her coat?!
MH: Ah? So what should I?
YH: Just put it properly behind
SH: It’s so funny
MH: Cold? What song is this?
YH: This? Banmal~
MH: Banmal?
YH: Banmal song. Okay. Seohyun try singing..
SH: Okay..
YH: Start!
SH: Ah.. How should I sing it?
YH: Take out your confidence
SH: Hajimemamini coopere.. (Meeting you for the first time in Japanese)
JH: Yup, just sing it like that.
SH: Hajimemasthite, I am Seohyun
SH: Ahhh this is embarrassing!
YH: Seohyun-ah.. I think you are a genius
YH: I wrote the lyrics of chorus. You can writethe first verse
SH: Write the first verse?

MH: Hoot is a nice song
SH: Thanks!
MH: Daebak ah!
YH: Try singing it~
MH: Like this~ (shooting)
SH: You did that well
YH: I don’t allow you to dance that
MH: You have lots of screen time too
SH: Really?
MH: I saw all of it.
MH: The rankings, etc…
(Wonderful same-age friendship)
(Yonghwa cannot stand it anymore and interrupts)
YH: We keep…
SH: Oh ya… You filmed a drama right?
YH: Such a formulated conversation..
SH: What…
MH: We are speaking sincerely!
YH: Ya~~MinHyuk, you should practice your acting skills properly!
SH: Haha..??
YH: Put some heart to it.
(Yonghwa’s jealousy is damaging his pride as a bigbrother)
YH: Hahaha
MH: I know I know
H: It’s all instant food!

Y: It’s CN Blue’s style~

H: No way, I must prepare some sidedishes next time

H: I’ll prepare some soup and bring ithere

Y: Have you thought of how to write thelyrics?

H: Ah, but…

Y: Is it hard?

H: Yes~

Y: What’s so hard about it!

H: I don’t know what to write

Y: Just write what you want to say!

H: that is still…

Y: the best lyrics are…

H: en?

Y: are from the bottom of your heart…that’s how I learnt

H: Who did you learn it from?

Y: uhhh… internet

h: yum~

y: now that you think of it, how did youfeel during the first time when I allowed you to speak banmal?

h: it was a little hard

y: hard~

h: hard~ this is weird

y: then make the last word of the sentences the same (make it rhyme)

y: ~words, ~words that are difficult to me, you can write it this way

h: yes, this is good

y: think it like this, next would be thechorus

h: what is that

y: what seems easy is actually the hardest

y: it’s hard right~

h: yes~

y: think of it this way, i’m the first person to see you home right?

h: yes~

y: the first time a guy sees you home, what is that feeling…

h: how do I put it…

y: bare out your heart~ truthfully~

h: hahaha!

MC Misun: that’s mushy!

y: how did you feel that time when I saw you home?

h: when you saw me home… it was miraculous

y: “When he sent me home it was~miraculous~”

MC misun: When he sent me home~ how much did it cost~

h: thank you for that time

y: ah? it was what I should do…

h: ahh I don’t know~

y: then… how did you feel oppa?

h: what?

y: when you first saw me~

y: my first impression of you?

y: when i first saw you…. ah! it’s seohyun!!

y: hmm~ very pretty~

y: oh, very kind~

y: oh, very polite~

y: you are thinking too complicatedly

h: really?

y: what about you? when you first saw me,were you like this?

y: aww~ so handsome~

y: judging that it’s the first meeting,it’s still not bad~

y: does he like spicy ricecakes?<—(dukkbokki?)

y: what?! a 2000 won ring?!

Did yonghwa’s guidance help seohyun?

H: give me pen and paper

H: pen

H: don’t peek!

Y: why would I peek!

Seohyun’s hair is stained by the cake!

Y: your hair is eating the cake

The anticipated first phase: harmonization

The anticipated second phase: guitar

After about an hour, the lyrics are done!

What was thought to have deep meaning: I can only say this!

H: I’m done

Y: Let me see…

H: I’ve done my best… ah

Y: it’s okay… we don’t have the time

Y: I’ll look at it now~

H: ah ah ah~

MC Kim: he’s not smiling

Misun: So sincere~

Y: oh oh oh~ you wrote it well!

H: really?

Y: really

H: that’s good that’s good

Y: it’s really good~

H: you’re lying~ really?

Y: really

Y: using what I just said as a model, didn’t you?

H: Yes~ at the beginning

Y: you used it, at the beginning

Y: you wrote well~ let’s start recording now

Y: the first note…

H: is a little to low

H: “Thank you for your words”… this note

Y: 1 2 3 4

H: -sings-

In the recording room, everyone was giving praises, MCJungmin was having goosebumps~

Y: It’s good~

H: it is really okay?

Y: Yes~ but isn’t this repeated? Just edit it a little, “Howdo I say this, How can I say this?”

H: ah~ this would be better

Y: hey, are you copying mine!

H: what! I’m only borrowing!

Y: I was shocked

H: you’re lyring

Y: I was really shocked

H: why?

Y: here “I can only say this”? You only know how to saythis?

H: aigoo…

Y: this doesn’t seem like the lyrics, this seems like arealistic story of a couple~

H: yes~ this was what I imagined~

Y: such a shy girl…

H: ah ha, what girl!

Y: want to be with that shy girl… it’s just like a story ofa real couple

Y: let’s collaborate for once, our couple song

H: okay

Finally, we get to hear the couple’s first collaboration –the couple song!

Hyun’s confession!

-insert lyrics of the song-

MC Jungmin : It’s not bad

Captions: Just like that, with the power of the two, thesong finally has a basic format

H: it’s satisfying

Y: satisfied..?

H: yes

Y: let’s go out and relax ourselves?

H: okay!

(Not long after, they are outdoors)

H: it’s cold

Captions: unexpectedly, strands of hair would clustertogether in this cold weather

H: is it this?

(Minhyuk and the boys’ recommendation: a ferry that is readyto ferry the couple to the Han River Parkto play basketball)

H: why did I wear a skirt in such a weather?

Y: are you mad?

H: yes

Into the ferry

H: uwah~ it’s warmer now

Captions: finally seated in a ferry with a peacefulatmosphere (what’s next cannot be expressed with words, let’s just enjoy theprogramme)

Hyun’s laughing really happily

H: uwah, so warm~

(Caps: a human “heating machine (?)” with insulatingcapability – Yong)

(let’s enjoy the night scenery)

Y: we should buy a ferry

H: buy?

Jungmin: ferries are expensive, yong ah

Y: I’ll do it

H: our bodies are melting, aren’t they?

Y: yes… (showing off his skills) the basketball frame isthere

Y: I want to say “I like you” out loud (lyrics)

Running again, the reappearance of Yong Choding! Yong isexcited at the sight of a basketball court

Y: it’s time for us to compete again

(They started off with Hyun at 4 points, Yong at 0 points.)

Y: the loser will buy us a hot drink

H: okay

(Hyun Bu-In’s impressive start)

Y: try your best! X 3

H: (whining) I can’t do it!

Caption: hyun’s sneaky attempt! (too bad ^^)

Y: hyun, you can’t do it, you don’t know how to play~

H: I really can’t play, why am I like that~

(Yong is showing off his basketball skills)

Y: why?

H: I’ll buy the drinks, let’s go (she gave up)

Y: if I can touch the basketball frame then you’ll piggybackme. If I can’t then I’ll piggyback you

H: okay

(After the pool competition, the piggyback topic is raisedagain)

What would the results be? Yong is running. He lost.

Y: I’m going to do it. I know seohyun is heavy

H: wait, ah ah, omo…

(Although it’s not really romantic, but…)

Y: you must hold on x3

Y: ah, my legs are feeling weak

(Yong is obviously happy, but is acting otherwise…)

H: I’m heavy, and the bag is heavy, so it all adds up and Ibecame heavier to carry…

H: are you okay?

Y: I’m okay

H: you can’t do it anymore right

Y: you’re really too heavy! (but still, he’s happy~)

H: I feel awkward(?)

(the two reached the café, hyun had grapefruit tea, yong had iced coffee)

H: why are you drinking a cold drink?

Y: I like it

(A mouthful after another, not long later it’s finished)

Y: which faculty are you from?

H: Arts / Acting

Captions: just like they are in a conference, suddenlyintroducing their faculties…?

Yong: which year are you in?

H: First year

Y: we are of the same age!

H: really?

Y: I’m saying thiswith a burden…. I am a first-year student of the business faculty… and I’m theclass representative

H: it’s nice to meet you (banmal)

Y: I have a gathering today but I didn’t go because of you

H: you did well~

Y: “You did well~”(imitating hyun)

H: (at a loss for words) eating your ice

Y: what to do~ can I find a way to walk into your heart?

H: it’s too mushy!

Y: okay, you’re mine

H: hahaha, seriously

Y: why???

Captions: The couple resuming discussion of the couple song

Y: We must give and receive right

H: yes, ahh~

H: we’ve passed the time to look at the mission letter(Time: 10:05pm)

Caption: So what is the couple’s mission?

The couple is still fooling around because of the letter,please take a look at it quickly~

(At the moment they opened the letter, they fainted)

Letter: To let more people listen to this couple song (whereshould they publish?)

So what is the URL of the website?

Jinwoon: ah. They’re going to publish it on the mostinternationally renowned website!

Y: we should film an MV

H: I have never done this before (starts to worry)

Credits:  小雨 笨笨熊 JOJO 冻结 @ Baidu

Cr: 2korinto57 & whitezephyr@seohwa soompi



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