[TRANSLATIONS] MC Jake’s tweet Episode 37

Original text:

우결녹화즐겁게잘마쳤습니다.오늘용서커플팬분들의 조공도감사드립니다.쿤톨의블록버스터급이벤트.아담의알콩달콩이벤트.용서의창작.놓치면벽잡고후회합니다.이번주토욜닥본사!


Finished WGM recording happily. Thank you to the YongSeo fans’ contributions today. Khuntoria’s blockbuster event. Adam’s sweet and happy event. YongSeo’s creation. You’ll regret missing this episode. Don’t miss Saturday this week!

Translations by: mountainmadman@seohwa soompi
Shared by: rxp080100@seohwa soompi


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