[TRIVIA] The reason why YongSeo wants to go Italy

If you people are wondering why YongSeo wanted to go to Italy, go read & watch Calm & Passion. I believe YongSeo wants to meet after 10 years!


This person quoted the few lines from the interview
Interviewer:Do you usually read?
Yonghwa:yes, recently, i read a lot .
It’s the influence from hyun buin
and he said, I especially loved “flying trapeze” (another japanese novel)
and also “calm and passion” which i read in only one day

They want to go to Firenze Duomo, which is in Italy!

I couldn’t find the original ost but this has the part on top of Florence Duomo start from 2.50s

cr: sapphire18@seohwa thread soompi
taken from: yongseo couple@facebook


3 Comments on “[TRIVIA] The reason why YongSeo wants to go Italy”

  1. eternityroses says:

    it’s in their wishlist… =)

  2. angelineszx says:

    They didn’t mention this on wgm. (:

  3. novaXD says:

    what episode did they mention that they wanted to go to italy? please tell me 😀

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