[TRIVIA] YongSeo Couple wishlist

Left Side: Things we want to do during married life
1. Get a Driving License
2. Ride a bike in a trip
3. Compose a song together
4. Charity Event
5. Regular Execise
6. Guitar Performance together
7. Save money for a ring
8. Visit Busan
9. Visit both family
10. Write a diary

and now, there’s additional #11.
They want to go to the Firenze Duomo, which is in Italy!

cr: MXiahcky&my.yonghwa.baby@soompi


4 Comments on “[TRIVIA] YongSeo Couple wishlist”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Luciana Marcelline, Seohyun's 9th Unni. Seohyun's 9th Unni said: @PD_indi YongSeo's 11 Wish List: https://iloveyongseo.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/trivia-yongseo-couple-wishlist/ (via @iloveyongseo) […]

  2. Novae says:

    What’s firenze duomo?

  3. munyitaa says:

    i hope it can comes true.. 🙂
    the additional is so funny!
    ahhh lovely couple 🙂

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