[PHOTO][Fanart] Seohyun with CNBLUE

cr. dcmarried ; pangg@seohwa soompi thread ; reuploaded by jaslovesYG@iloveyongseo

Seohyun really matches well with CNBLUE! I really hope they have a photoshoot together!! 🙂


4 Comments on “[PHOTO][Fanart] Seohyun with CNBLUE”

  1. panglue says:

    hey there!
    uh…i just wanted to mention. (i hope this doesnt make me sound like a B—-!)
    but i actually made this. lol. i’m not sure who’s saying they did, and i dont mind people posting my photos, but i can prove its my own. lol. or you can ask some of the girls/guys at the soompi thread. sorry. 🙂

    but i do have to say that the cupid guy is not mine, thats for sure. hahaha.

    • jaslovesyg says:

      no problem pangg! thanks for pointing that out! I saw this in dcmarried and I didn’t know it was yours because no credit has been made.. hehehe.. Maybe because they added that cupid thing?? will edit and credit you.. haha! 🙂

      • panglue says:

        yea, when i actually first started making fanart i didnt credit them, because i was just thinking that “hey! its for fun, right?!” but then the first few ones i released, some of the other gogumas @ the soompi thread told me that other people were quoting my fanart as their own. so thats why i started watermarking them. but thanks for crediting me! and again, i’m sorry if i sound b—-y. lol.

      • jaslovesyg says:

        you didn’t sound b**y at all! haha! If I were you I would have done the same.. hehe! 🙂

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