[NEWS]Yonghwa ”Want To Say Banmal? I Love You” The hidden lyrics revealed

On We Got Married, The Goguma Couple were challanging themselves in making the Couple song. At the trip last time, Yonghwa revealed the Banmal song to Yonghwa. However, it’s not complete.

So, both of them decided to complete the Banmal Song together. On We Got Married that aired on the 18th, Seohyun asked Yonghwa to sing the Banmal song again. However, Seohyun got curious as one of the part in the song got blur. Was it on purpose? Or were the lyrics really not created yet? Seohyun requested ”What are the lyrics? Sing it clearly again”. Yonghwa said that he forgot the lyrics. He then continued singing ”Can you say Banmal now? I love you”. This left everyone in the recording studio cheering.

After Seohyun heard those lyrics, she said ”I hear those words alot”. Giving a ”Not so Hard” Expression. Both of them came to Yong Hubby’s Dorm for the song making. Since Seohyun wife doesn’t have any
experience in making song, Yong hubby started teaching from the basics. In the process, he inserted Seohyun wife’s laughing voice.

Credits: Baidu Goguma Couple
Translation Credits (From Chinese): WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews

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