[NEWS][Translations] SeoHyun-YongHwa First Couple Song

The Goguma couple’s song, how would it turn out?

On MBC’s We Got Married 2 that would be aired on December 18th, which is later today, Goguma couple Yonghwa & Seohyun’s couple song making ”Behind The Scenes” would be aired. Yonghwa sang the incomplete ”Banmal song” last time at the Seafood Shop (?), When Seohyun heard that, she was touched.

This week With ”Please use the Banmal song as the main topic and finish making the Couple Song” as mission, both of them decided to complete Yong Hubby’s incomplete Banmal song.  In order to officially start making the couple song, both of them came to Yong Hubby’s dorm,  making the song’s job would be Yong Hubby’s and Making the lyrics would be for No-Experience Seohyun Wife. From the starting, she started learning little by little. It is said that during the progress, Seohyun would do something special to the banmal song. (?) Remember to catch the Banmal song making today!

Credits: Baidu Goguma; Translation Credits: WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews-SeoHwa Soompi Thread

Oh, I really can’t wait for today’s episode!!
Banmal song.. Ahhh, finally our YongSeo get their own couple song 🙂

I’m so excited!! Should anticipate today’s WGM well!!
And I’m sure you’re all excited as well, fellow Gogumas! 😀


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