[NEWS] YongSeo couple are nominated for “Best Couple Award” at MBC Entertainment Award show.

It looks like fight to get the Best Couple Award in MBC Entertainment Award will be a domestic fight between couples in “WGM”.

MBC Entertainment Award, which will be held on December 29, is currently setting a poll for Best Couple Award. Among the six couples, “WGM” couples Jo Kwon – Ga In, Seo Hyun – Jung Yong Hwa, Nickhun – Victoria have stronger positions compared to the other contenders.

“WGM” fans are in the middle of a heated psychological warfare at the moment to make sure their favorite couple win the award.

The producer for the Entertainment Award told Newsen on December 16, “At this moment a couple from ‘WGM’ has a huge chance to win the Best Couple Award.”

Last year Yoon Si Yoon – Shin Se Kyung from “High Kick Through The Roof” won the Best Couple Award. In the case of “WGM”, in 2008 Kim Hyung Joong – Hwang Bo couple were a contender for Best Couple Award.

The other contenders outside from “WGM” include “Sebakwi” couple, Im Ye Jin – Han Sun Hwa and Yoon Se Yoon – Seon Woo Yong Yeo; “Come To Play” couple Yoo Jae Suk – Kim Won Hee.

A staff from MBC stated, “This year we set it to be one vote per person. In addition to that, we also analyze the result by age groups. The reason is that we do not want the result to be determined by people from the 10~20 age group, but we would like the result to reflect the entire age groups.”

Everybody is waiting to see who will win the Best Couple Award at MBC Entertainment Award. The voting will start on December 20 at MBC Entertainment Award website.

Translation by:suzelle@IAMfor2AM – 2AM International Forum
Shared by: Caliope@seohwa soompi

Let’s hope that YongSeo will win the Best Couple Award!
However, this MBC Entertainment Award show falls on the same day as Gayo Daejun, which Yonghwa is mc-ing. Unless it’s pre-recorded, I don’t think they will be able to attend 😦


One Comment on “[NEWS] YongSeo couple are nominated for “Best Couple Award” at MBC Entertainment Award show.”

  1. thanh says:

    do u how how n’ where to vote cuz i’m really wantyongseo win this award..!!!
    let me know, ukie!!! thanks ^^

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