[FANACCOUNT + PHOTOS] YongSeo Skiing for WGM (2)

Drinking tea at the moment~^^
having a rest for a while because it is too cold*^^*
ah~the filming crew is still filming a cute CP wearing bright outfits~
at first i thought they were filming skiing advertisement, went closer to have a look and found out that they are in the process of filming WGM jungyonghwa and SNSD Seohyun~it’s an undeserved fortune KK
i don’t know whether because they are celebs, they are very beautiful and handsome and have small faces, because of my friend, we went together to stand in circle and watch, very interesting~
while watching at the side, always hear the happy laughter of the two. make my heart that was hurt by my boyfriend 更加不是滋味(i am not sure ’bout this, better wait for someone who can translate)

so i left my friend and went inside KK the way jungyonghwa took care of seohyun left a deep impression~my boyfriend shud instrospect himself*^^*

credit 冻结 baidu. translations by scatterbrain@seohwa soompi thread

fantaken photos after the cut 🙂

cr. dcmarried shared by Nett_Prinzessin@seohwa soompi thread

I can’t imagine how good-looking Yonghwa and Seohyun is together.. The fan even thought that they were shooting an ad at first.. haha! And I wonder how sweet Yong and Hyun is to each other  especially Yong! This fan watched them become sweet to each other in person and I only watch them on youtube but I also envy their relatiosnhip.. haha!! I really can’t wait to see this! 🙂


4 Comments on “[FANACCOUNT + PHOTOS] YongSeo Skiing for WGM (2)”

  1. nlwid says:


    Literally means: even more, it is not my taste

    In context, it means you do not feel good about something.

    So if I type it out again it would be something like this:
    It makes my heart aches when i remember the times I was together with my ex-boyfriend.

  2. gelap says:

    so sweet…
    they look good together

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