[PHOTOS][fanart] YongSeo at GDA red carpet

Credits to panGG@soompi

1) Yong and Hyun are both walking with 2 other people
2) They are of course walking to “the wall”
3) Their steps are in sync!

How is it possible that their steps are in sync in a random paparazzi picture?


4 Comments on “[PHOTOS][fanart] YongSeo at GDA red carpet”

  1. panglue says:

    okay, this is pretty awesome! i check your page like at least 1000000 times a day and this is the first time i saw my stuff on here. that is so awesome! hahaha, thanks you guys! makes me feel so…. yay! hahaha.

    • jaslovesyg says:

      We should be the one to thank you!! We’re using your work as our background at twitter! 🙂 We really love your works!! haha! We hope you make more and we hope to share it here in the future! haha! 🙂

      • panglue says:

        hahaha! seriously? thats too cool! i have to go check out twitter now (havent been on it in FOREVER!). thanks again 🙂 and your welcome too!

        have a goguma day!

      • jaslovesyg says:

        a lot of people are even asking about our background because it’s super nice.. so I always tell them it’s not ours.. it’s made by pangg @ soompi.. haha! 🙂

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