[TRANSLATIONS] MC Jake Tweets (12.13.10)

1) The Whole Part Got Cut. I Quit I Quit.

2) Ahh.. No. This is the 2nd Time it got cut. Today, the whole thing got  cut. Ahh.. Adam, Coguma Couple & believers I’m Sorry.. Everyone  send in a postcard..

The ”thing” that got cut is actually this so don’t mistaken and go scolding at MBC’s Doorstep. >.<

It’s the card that MC Jake made for YongSeo 300th Day. Wondering how he’s feeling right now..

Credits: Baidu ; Translated By: WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews

That’s really sweet of MC Kim Jung Min! He’s so nice and he’s totally a YongSeo shipper!! I wonder what other scenes were cut.. hmmm..


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