Thanks Caliope@seohwa soompi thread for sharing 🙂

The first part of the GDA has ended so the all the artistes returned to the backstage. Sunny, Hyoyeon and Yuri were the first few to return to their seats when the second part of the GDA show started. Yuri was sitting on Sica’s seat and she…started to behave so crazily throughout the whole second show. At first, she and Hyoyeon (who was in the crazy mode thorughout the whole ceremony) danced to SHINee’s Lucifer. Then she kept patting maknae and congratulated her when Jung Seobang received award. In the end maknae gave a slap in return which makes Yuri kind of startled. Yoonyul kept signaling to Jung Seobang and pointed at maknae then after Yuri hugged maknae…She’s behaving like a choding.

Original Fan account by: eleven09ing
Translated by: _shikshin@twitter
Link: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/7eucsc
By silent_scream@soompi in Girls Generation thread.

Haha! I guess the term “choding” doesn’t only apply to Yonghwa anymore! YongSeo choding FTW! 🙂


2 Comments on “[FANACCOUNT] SNSD at GDA 2010”

  1. sasa says:

    The ‘choding’ part was referring to Yuri. Coz Yuri is being her kkab self again during GDA…. hugging maknae, hitting her, etc. lol

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