[VIDEOS] YongSeo Episode 35(eng)

Episode 35 of WGM:SUBBED!

Part 1

Part 2

cr : MountainMadman; j2dlee translations
Rainypark &RDR subs Editing, Hardsubbing, Timing & Encoding
reuploaded kerobear@iloveyongseo


4 Comments on “[VIDEOS] YongSeo Episode 35(eng)”

  1. xColourLite says:

    skinship overflowing ! ❤
    loving yongseo more and more by each second 🙂

  2. Nochi says:

    Thanks for sharing ><

    They're so cute when Yo~ng put their hand in his pocket.

    I can't help but OMG I love it
    pls~ Yon~g keep do it again in the next episode and forever hahahahah

  3. sleepyhead says:

    Yong just said it. the magical 3 words. “i love you”. HE LOVES HER!! kyaaaaaaaa!!! hahahahah 😀

  4. Sonegirl says:

    Wow.. thank you so much!!!

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