[TRANSLATIONS] MBC ‘WGM’ gagwoman Park Misun deeply immersed in ‘yongseo’ couple charm

Original Text:

MBC’我们结婚了’功臣gag woman朴美善深陷‘红薯夫妇‘的魅力中。



又朴美善对‘我结’中出演的‘亚当夫妇’赵权-佳人,‘红薯夫妇’郑容和-徐贤,‘维尼夫妇’ Nichkhun-宋茜 “‘亚当’是因为一起度过的时间尤其长看着真的像朋友一样.‘红薯’是温馨的魅力,‘维尼’是很浪漫”这样说明道。

朴美善除‘我们结婚了’以外还在‘三圈’,‘都是我的爱’,KBS 2TV‘happy together’等多个节目中纵横驰骋的活跃着。

cr. 冻结 红薯夫妇吧

translations after the cut 🙂

Thanks to scatterbrain@seohwa soompi thread for the trans and bizzie_b@seohwa soompi thread for sharing!

MBC’WGM’ gagwoman park misun deeply immersed in ‘yongseo’ couple charm

Park Misun said ‘it feels cute to watch JungYonghwa and SeoHyun’. she stated happily’showing how different seohyun towards yonghwa at the beginning, slowly opening up her heart makes people happy’

also ‘all in the broadcasting room feel it is very interesting to watch yonghwa n seohyun’s skinship. even though they didnt broadcast a lot in the show( i think she means some scenes were cut…correct me if i’m wrong), how they express their own real feeling is delivered realistically.

Park Misun feels ‘Adam’ couple is like a friend because they spend a long time with this couple. ‘Goguma’charmingly warm, ‘Winnie’is romantic.

I really hope MBC don’t edit YongSeo’s episode too much! hehe! I guess the MC’s have seen a lot of YongSeo that we weren’t able to see because of the editing! waaaa! I’m wondering what scenes are removed from the broadcast.. Maybe those that made it obvious that they have something going on?? hahaha!!


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