[TRANSLATIONS] Preview YongSeo Episode 36

Translations by LalaCAKES @ soompi

SH: Compose a couple song?!
Caption: The Yongseo couple receives a mission of writing and composing a song!
YH: Let’s use these instruments to make it.
Caption: In order to compose the song, they go together to CN Blue’s dorm which is full of instruments!
YH: Jungshin, aren’t those hyung’s stuff??
SH: What is this?
Caption: While showing off (?) his music making instruments, he shows us!
YH: Should I show you how this works?
Caption: They fall deeper and deeper into this mission!
JS: Yongseo~ Ohh this is good!
SH: But it’s embarrassing!
Caption: What kind of couple song will they create?

As for the mission card, a lot of it got cut off but the middle part says something like “Do you remember the list you made of things you wanted to do as a married couple?” The bottom part is really misleading/hard to translate because I think it got cut off at a crucial part.. It mentions the Banmal Song that Yong sang for Hyun and then jumps to “record a couple song together!” so I’m not sure if that means they will be recording the Banmal Song or if the producers just got inspired by that song and are telling our couple to recrod a couple song.

Credit: yongseofacts @ twitter

*sigh! such a lovely couple.. now we cant wait if what song are they going to composed.. it’ll be a nice song for sure..


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