[TRANSLATIONS] 101211 WGM Yongseo Episode 35

Y: Hyung, who did you go see?

MO: Well, I did some personal stuff…

MC: Didn’t he play with the dog?

MO: The white dog. He pooped on my clothes.

Sub: Anyways, where are they going…?

H: Oppa, where are we going?

Y: Us? Should we go to Jeonju?

H: Ahh…stop that!

Y: We’re going to Dongmak beach.

H: Liar…

Y: Really! Dongmak beach.

H: What are we doing there?

Y: To take a bath…

Sub: The Yong who cried wolf…

H: It gets weirder and weirder.MO: You know, in a relationship…at certain times, the girl should follow the boy’s lead.

Y: They say that roasted prawns are delicious.

Sub: Going to the beach to eat roast prawns~!

Y: And they’re supposed to be in season.

H: Really?

MC: Oh, isn’t Ganghwado pretty close to Dongmak?

H: We’re here!

Y: Hyung’s coming with us, right?

MO: I want to, but…

H: What is it this time?

MO: [some kind of excuse…my Korean skills lack for this one]

Sub: Sensibly pulling out again…

Y: Bye!

Sub: The couple seeing the ocean for the first time in a while

H: Bye bye~ thank you!

Y: At Busan, I didn’t really get to see Haewoondae.

H: Mmmm…you didn’t? [NOTE: She is following Yong’s accent.]

Y: Wow…

MC: I wonder what it’s like to look at the ocean at night?

MC: You can’t see anything.

Sub: The night ocean that automatically brings praise

At the 2:03 mark.

Sub: Their steps getting faster

Y: Wow…

H: Whoa…

Y: Wow, it’s really been forever since I’ve seen the ocean.

H: It’s so beautiful! With the moon…

H: It’s a fingernail!

Y: A fingernail, it’s a fingernail.

Sub: the moon rising over the quiet and peaceful shore

Y: Seohyun, come over here.

H: Okay!

Sub: looks like they’re peacefully walking…

Sub: suddenly running…?

Y: Try to catch me~!

Sub: ruining the moment…

Y: What are you doing? [NOTE: accent galore!]

H: Why are you doing this, really?

Sub: and then…

H: Ahhh! I’m really going to do it.

Y: Do it!

Sub: the couple getting excited over seeing the ocean again

H: Noo! No.

Y: Do you like it?

H: You wish.

Y: Seo Joo Hyun, you’re getting to me.

H: What~??

H: Wow, really…

At the 3:03 mark.

Y: It’s a goguma!!

Sub: the side effects of the goguma drought…

Y: Gogumas are supposed to come back!

Sub: Now…send me to heaven…

Y: You like it?

H: I like it!

Sub: right then!

MC: Oh!

MC: Oh, really?

Sub: grabbing!!

MC: Yeah!

MC: That’s the way to do it!

H: We can do it now!

Y: No no no, it’s…like this.

MC: #$!#%!!^!!$

MC: They’re really closer!

MC: It’s nice and natural!

H: Wow, it’s beautiful.

MC: With her hand in his pocket.

At the 3:47 mark.

Y: This winter’s breakout hit skinship. Putting her hand in your pocket.

MC: Ahhhhhh~! I want to try that too!

MC: It could be misconstrued as something else…

MC: If you use the back pocket.

Y: And her hand was slightly sweating…and Seohyun was like…moving her hand around a little bit. It was cute.

Y: Are you okay with heels?

H: Yeah. These are comfortable.

H: No no no no, ahhhh~!

Sub: playing around again!

H: Don’t do that!

Y: Why not?

H: Just don’t! Ahhh~

Y: I did a commercial last time, and I had to dance.

Sub: He did dance, but…

MC: They let go of each other.

MC: How are they supposed to do it again?

MC: $%$!%!

Sub: a slight hiatus…

MC: It’s been so long since I’ve had put my hands in a man’s pocket.

Y: Where do you think it is? [NOTE: For the next few lines, they are joking around by putting their names at the end of every sentence.]

H: I don’t know!

Y: Then just come along!

H: Okay!

MC: They’re cute like that.

Y: Seo Joohyun!

H: Jung Yonghwa oppa.

Sub: Going to the prawn restaurant~!

Y: I really can’t understand you.

H: I don’t know why.

At the 5:14 mark.

Y: Here it is!

H: Wow.

Sub: today’s menu: in-season roast prawns!

H: King prawns!

Y: Hello!

H: Hello!

Owner: Wow, we have important guests today?

Y: I’m from CN BLUE.

H: So Nyuh Shi Dae…

Y: The king shrimp roast is the prawn…?

Owner: Yes, that’s right.

H: Then…yes.

Y: That.

Sub: what will their first-ever roast prawns be like?

Y: Oh, you said you didn’t wash your hands?

H: Yes!

Y: Ahhhh~

H: That’s a merong. [NOTE: ‘merong’ is a word for sticking out your tongue.] Ha!

Y: From now on, wash your hands if you want to hold mine.

Sub: You held hers first…

Y: Got it?

H: I don’t know…

Sub: serving the roast prawns~!!

H: Wow!

Y: Wow!

H: This is my first time seeing it!

Y: Me too.

Sub: catching the live shrimp!

Y: Looks really good.

MC: Right next to the sea.

Y: Avatar.

Sub: bringing the tub with the live shrimp

Owner: they’re alive.

Owner: And now I’m going to make them faint.

Y/H: They faint when you do that?

Y: So they’re already fainted?

Owner: not all of them.

Sub: standing up at the same time

Sub: putting them raw on top of the salt

MC: That’s how you’re supposed to do it. And when they’re red and cooked, you have to crack their backs in half…

Sub: much commentary because of the prawns!!

At the 6:33 mark.

Owner: try catching one.

H: Really?

Y: Do they bite?

Owner: no, they don’t.

Sub: like that because of just one prawn…?

MC: Oh, it escaped!

H: Just catch it!

Sub: Yong afraid (?) of shrimp!

Y: Oh!

MC: Oh, he scared of a lot of stuff.

Y: Where am I supposed to hold it?

Owner: the body!

Y: Just hold it by the body?

Y: I’m really scared of things like this.

H: Why are you scared of it?

Y: Can you do it?

H: How can I…

Y: Wow, you look so scary for a small thing.

H: Hurry! Start!

Sub: can’t show weakness in front of his wife…

H: Just grab it…

Y: It flutters around, doesn’t it?

Y: Ohhh…what’s that?

Sub: afraid of the shrimp, now afraid of the stray dog…

MC: Oh, he’s cute.

Sub: finally taking care (?) of the prawn..!!

MC: Because Seohyun’s looking.

Y: Put it in there? But it’s flailing around?

Sub: finally sitting down!

Y: Looks good.

Y: Save me~

H: Wow, they look…

Sub: after a short while…

Sub: the prawns turning red after being cooked!

Y: Wow, they look…

MC: Wow, they look good!

Y: Do you know how to clean shrimp?

H: Uh…

MC: Peel it for her! Yonghwa, just peel it for her!

MC: Just take off the head. If you fry the heads separately later, they taste really good.

Sub: The fully cooked, delicious prawns

Y: Oh, they’re really hot.

H: Wow, they are really hot.

Sub: holding in the burning…

Sub: Yong peeling it carefully

Y: You want to try one?

Sub: handing it over

MC: Don’t do it like that, just put it in her mouth!

H: Oh, they’re good!

Y: They’re good?

Sub: at that one word…

Y: Ah!

MC: They should be hot.

Sub: while they’re doing that…

Sub: this time it’s Hyun’s turn…!

H: Here you go~

MC: Aaaahhhh…

H: How is it?

Y: Mmm, they’re good.

Y: It’s peeled well. Seohyun ahhh~

H: I think it’s going to be hot.

Y: It’s not hot.

H: Wait! Ahh…what is this?

Sub: does he want her to eat it or not

MC: Did he want that to happen?

At the 9:21 mark.

Sub: doing mildang over prawns…!!

MC: Those were the good days…

Sub: Finally success!

H: Mmmmm! It’s good.

H: My turn!

H: Start! Ahhh~

Sub: the shrimp mildang starting immediately

Y: You think I’m going to fall for that?

Sub: the Busan man getting a dent on his reputation

Sub: finally grabbing her arm

H: For real this time!

Y: Mmm, tastes like kimchi.

H: I feel sorry for the shrimp, but you’re so tasty.

MC: Wow, they ate a lot.

Sub: the owner bringing something

H: Thank you!

Sub: asking earlier to wrap the gogumas for them

MC: Oh, the ones they dug before.

MC: the finger gogumas.

Sub: putting the foil-wrapped gogumas on the grill…

Y: I’m waiting for the gogumas.

H: They’re the ones we dug, right?

Sub: the taste of their gogumas…?

Moving on the Part 2.

Starting at the 0:14 mark.

Sub: while the gogumas are cooking…

Sub: the couple exchanging friendly (?) glances…

H: If you look at a person upside down, it’s really fun.

H: No, not like that.

Sub: need to look down on them from above?!

H: So the mouth looks like it should be on the forehead…

H: I should show you how it works.

Y: Huh?

H: It’s really funny!

Sub: Hyun wife getting closer?!!

MC: Wow!

MC: Look at that!

H: you need to close your mouth and look at me.

Sub: right in front of his face…

H: Hahahaha~!!

Y: What was that??

H: You look like a squid.

Sub: amid inflated (?) expectations…

Sub: the gogumas are finally ready!

Y: Let’s see.

MC: roast gogumas sound nice.

H: Uhhh…these are ginseng?

MC: Hahahah!

H: These are really ginseng.

Sub: closer to ginseng and bellflower…

Sub: what will the taste be like…?

H: We should be able to eat the skin, right?

Y: It tastes like a potato.

H: Look at this.

H: Mmm…tastes like potatoes.

Sub: looks like a bellflower + originally a goguma + tastes like potatoes

H: Looks like bellflowers, but it’s a goguma, and it tastes like a potato.

Y: Here, feed me.

MC: He’s asking to get fed.

Sub: getting a taste for (?) getting fed

H: It looks hot.

Y: Ah, it’s hot!

Y: Can’t you learn how to handle chopsticks?

H: Ah, so funny.

At the 2:13 mark.

Y: Mmm!

H: Is that one good?

Y: This one’s a real goguma.

H: I’ll hold the chopstick.

Y: Don’t, it’s hot.

Sub: playing mildang in front of their babies…

H: Okay.

MC: He just wants to feed her.

Y: You look a little like an iguana.

H: Why does an iguana come out of nowhere?

Y: Okay, okay. Ahhh~

Sub: but the bigger gogumas are pretty good…!

MC: They look good.

At the 2:43 mark.

H: But still…they were gogumas that we grew ourselves. I felt proud, and kind of forgot about the hard work that we did earlier. When we ate them.

H: I guess this is what a farmer feels.

Y: I eat so much gogumas because of you. I’m good for 10 years now.

MC: 10 years?

H: No, you still have a long way to go. Right now it’s goguma season!

Y: Just get rid of the lint that’s in your hair.

H: Go away.

Sub: plowing the field together…

Sub: the couple getting even closer

Y: I like how you’re dressed now.

H: Like how?

Y: And your hair down.

H: Really?

Sub: Also said it during their Japan vacation…

Y: I told you that before.

H: Yeah, you did.

Y: That’s right.

H: I also like you like that. The hair. Not like that, but like that.

Y: What is that??

H: When you’re hair’s like this!

Sub: Doesn’t like spiked hair?!

H: During I’m a Loner!

Y: Like that?

MC: Isn’t that more like Kim Mousse? [NOTE: korean CF…I think. Not sure, so don’t quote me.]

H: I like them both, but…

Y: I get it.

At the 3:54 mark.

Y: A long, long time ago…I started writing a song.

Sub: what is he talking about…?

Y: From then until today.

H: Mmm….

MC: Mmm?

Y: Do you know what the title is?

H: Love Light!

Y: That’s not it.

H: Then?

Y: It’s from a few months ago. When I had bits and pieces of time.

H: Is it out now?

Y: No, it’s not out.

MC: Did he write it with her in mind?

Y: Ever since 4, 5 months ago…since then, whenever I had the time, I thought ‘what would it be like if there was a song like that…’

Y: It can be a sort of a present…and also kind of a request, so…I thought that it would be a good idea. In between stuff.

H: How do I know that?

Sub: Hyun still thinking that it’s a joke

Y: What do you think the title is? It’s a song dedicated to you.

H: It’s something weird again, isn’t it?

Y: What’s so weird about it??

H: Something like ‘Goguma’.

Y: I don’t write weird songs.

Sub: What is the title of his song to his wife?

Y: What’s the title? Guess.

MC: What is it?

H: Hint.

Y: Right now…

H:…So Nyuh Shi Dae!

Sub: because of the action-reaction, shouted Girls Generation

Y: Wow, really…

H: That’s all that comes to mind. Right now, it’s Girls Generation!

Y: Right now…

H: So Nyuh Shi Dae!

Y: Hey!

At the 5:20 mark.

Y: Right now, you don’t do it…but earlier, you used to work on it a lot.

H: Something I don’t do now, but tried to before?

MC: Something she did before but doesn’t now.

H: Drum?

Y: You did the drums?

H: Guitar?

Y: …you don’t play the guitar now, do you?

MC: Oh, she got caught.

Sub: Doesn’t do it now, but had played guitar before?!

H: I can’t do it right now…I want to, but I can’t.

Y: It’s not guitar.

H: Ah, what is it? Something that I did before, but not now?

Y: What can it be?

Y: Hey. Hey!

H: Something I did before but not now.

Y: Yeah.

H: Ohh! I got it!

Y: What?

MC: Banmal?

H: Banmal! Am I right?

Sub: A song that’s about banmal!

H: You wrote a song about that?

Y: Yeah.

H: Something like ‘you you you ‘?

Sub: turning on the Yong rap (?)…

H: Wait…really?

Y: Yeah, something like that.

Y: It’s still completely unfinished. I finished the framework.

H: Oh, I’m curious. I’m looking forward to it.

Y: Should I show you a little bit?

H: Yes!

Y: You better hold something spicy.

H: Something spicy?

Y: Because your insides are going to shrivel up.

MC: Because they’re going to shrivel up!

Y: Drink hot pepper paste immediately after you listen to it.

H: Okay.

Sub: what is the identity of his unfinished song…?

Y: One, two three…

Y: practice your guitar!

H: Haaaaaaah!

[NOTE: Here, Yonghwa’s using English words as placeholders.

MC: Is that banmal in English?

MC: They’re placeholders.

MC: Oh, those aren’t the lyrics?

At the 7:30 mark.

H: Ohhh~

Y: And the ending part…has lyrics, kind of.

H: Does it?

Y: “I wish we could be close enough to speak informally…even though we’re still awkward and unpolished…”

MC: Oh, it’s good.

Y: “Instead of saying ‘thank you’…try speaking to me like a friend…we’re going to be speaking banmal to each other now…really…$%!^%!$^!^$!#^%!$%!$%!@$^$^!…please accept it…I love you…”

H: Wow…

MC: He said he loved her!!

At the 8:22 mark.

H: At first I was like, “what is this?” and I thought it was a joke…but then I found out that he really was composing a song for me. I was…really surprised. He said that he was thinking of me, and was writing it for me. I was really touched.

Y: Really though, I wrote the ending lyrics really fast, but the front is still unwritten.

Sub: Yong getting wordy…

Y: I’m going to start working on it now.

Y: Wow, this kind of stuff, really, I…I really…

H: Fighting!

Y: Try speaking it. I think I’ll get some inspiration.

H: Thanks.

Sub: What were the lyrics that Yong flubbed on purpose…?

cr. MountainMadman@seohwa soompi thread

yikes! i cant wait ’til next weeks episode.. how sweet of our yongseo couple! yong even composed a song for our hyun. That’s how he love’s our hyun.


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