[NEWS] The YongSeo couple display more skinship on ‘We Got Married’

On this week’s episode of ‘We Got Married‘, the YongSeo couple displayed heartwarming skinship once again during their night date to the beach.

Yong Hwa and Seohyun went on a casual date to the beach during the episode, and they had a close intimate time while acting playful and cute with each other.

During their date, Seohyun displayed affections as she suddenly linked arms with Yonghwa. In response, Yonghwa tightly grabbed onto her hand and put both their hands inside his pocket, just like a scene from a cute romance movie.

Source: Sports Today via allkpop

YongSeo pawns every romantic movie out there!! hahaha! When Yonghwa held Seohyun’s hand for the first time I was like… “waaaa!” and then when they separated for a while because Yonghwa danced a little.. My reaction was “arghhh.. that was so short..” and when he got Seohyun’s hands again.. I was like.. “WAAAA! OMG!!” HAHAHA!! ❤


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