[SPAZZ POST] YongSeo BTS Diary

This is a YongSeo BTS Diary by a temporary WGM Staff on (6/12/10)

Note: The write of this note is a temporary staff in the WGM team filling in for his/her friend. The major job duty is to take care of the apartment in Sangdo-dong.

First we dropped by the TV station, then rode the staff car to Sangdo-dong. On the way there was the supermarket goguma couple visited in the episode where they made soup. At the shop front a sign was posted that said “Goguma couple was here.”

The owner of the apartment is actually a fan of SeoHyun, and that’s why the WGM team decided to settle there as they have no idea how long they need the place for filming.

Went up to the 2nd floor, and saw that the fridge was left open with some food and beverages inside. The living room is the same as what’s seen on TV. The bedroom was filled with presents from fans, sorted according to origin of countries and neatly stored inside the drawers. It’s Seohyun’s idea to arrange it that way and Yongwha helped out.

Since Seohyun had always lived in the hostel, she treasures the very first home she owns at 20 years old. Remember the episode of Happy Together with SNSD where the MC jokingly said that SH will bring the presents she won to her home? That home is actually referring to the apartment at Sangdo-dong ^^ that’s because SH actually always secretly bring her stuff from her hostel to their apartment without her unnies knowing… There are a lot of pictures at their home, and a lot were taken with CN Blue during their Hallyu concert.

The Hallyu concert was a huge event, so SH was a bit nervous that morning when they had to prepare for it. Although Yongwha was absent, SH still had lunch with her CN bros-in-law. She seemed to have gotten quite close to them that day… when YH came back from his rehearsal , the bros-in-law called SH “Hyuuuun~” to which YH said “ You guys have to call her SeoHyun” but JungShin replied “We’re closer to her than you are^^”

After sorting out the pictures I went to check out some books. Amongst them there were three of which SH gave to YH, and SH wrote on the first page of all of them. “Even though oppa doesn’t have the habit of reading now, as time goes by, the lives of those who read and those who doesn’t will be different, so please keep up the reading to realize your dream” How can a 20 year old girl have such profound thoughts? On another one she wrote “ Hope you will share and discuss this with your brothers, it will help with your lyric writing.” But to this YH replied “No, I will read it by myself “ ^^ So far SH has already given more than 10 books to YH.

Since SH likes to decorate the house, YH will always get what SH likes whenever he goes overseas. The heart-shaped décor piece in the kitchen is a handmade piece by SH herself.

The couple has become a lot closer after the Japan episode. Whatever jokes YH cracks, SH will accept them, so people around are saying that SH is more and more like YH now…^^ There are two WGM writers who are especially fond of Goguma couple… Once during a meeting Yong cracked a really childish joke, to which the writers replied “How can you be so childish~~!” But SH smiled and said “What’s so childish about it?! It’s really funny!” During the meeting, it was mainly YH who gave the ideas and SH has not once objected and always respected YH’s opinions.

YH’s wearing of the couple ring during the YAB photoshoot had touched a lot of goguma fans. As for SH, she was asked to take off the ring during a shoot, but she persistently refused… Both are very serious about their commitment, what a lovely couple~~!

From what I heard, among the 3 couples, the working atmosphere is the best with YongSeo couple^^ We can expect more sweet goguma moments in the future!

Happy 300th day anniversary to the Goguma couple ~~~~ ^*^

cr. baidu gogumas forum trans by jajay@seohwa soompi thread and kubih@twitter for the tip! 🙂

Disclaimer: According to doodoodoo@seohwa soompi thread, this post is fake.. Even if i want to delete this.. I can’t bring myself to do it since I believe that somehow.. it’s possible that this one’s happening to YongSeo too.. So read this with caution. Okay?? 🙂

Can I cry now?? waaaaaa!! This fanaccount is sooo touching!! How can they be so real and not pretend about their relationship!!  Seohyun even considers their apartment as her home already!! Is it just me but I’m really touched about how their relationship is going now.. Kyaaa! Even the couple rings! They wear it not because they need to wear it for WGM but because they want to.. I really believe that if what they have is not love then I don’t know what it is anymore.. They are a very honest couple and they wouldn’t lie about their feelings just because it’s a show! Happy #YongSeo300!! ❤


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    Ottohkeeeee i’m crying of happines.yongseoooooo :3333333333

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