[FANACCOUNT + PHOTOS] YongSeo harvesting their Gogumas

cr. MountainMadman for the trans and aneng for sharing @ seohwa soompi thread

Met the YongSeo couple at the goguma field ♡

I’m a 21yrs old student attending university…

I had hands-on training at a kindergarten for one month

And the kindergarten I went to went on a field trip once a week ^^

My second week, we took a field trip to a goguma field!

Took the bus and ate lunch at Ganghwado

MBC studio vans came into the parking lot..

The teachers were asking why they were filming in a goguma field

I remembered WGM and said “There was something about goguma fields some time ago on WGM…maybe it’s that?” and

talked with them about it.

So after lunch we went to the field and harvested gogumas.

Then above us, a group started to head down..

I was wondering about it then I saw a person holding a camera, a person holding a microphone, and a couple

who were coming down!!!!!!!

It turned out to be the YongSeo couple…

From far away it looked like their heads were a little too big……………

But when they were closer it was because they were so skinny…

Yonghwa and Seohyun…both of them were…very skinny……..HAHAHAHA

And their skin…mmm….weren’t that great either…..well…

Maybe it’s because they put on a lot of makeup usually…

And they were coming down and met with our children..

I was curious and wanted to get their autograph…but I wasn’t a student..

more like a teacher…so I couldn’t do such a thing like that…HAHA

Anyways a few of the kids knew them and since we were being curious too

the other kids were likewise curious. And the kids held onto Yonghwa’s hand and gave them sweet potatoes

And some kid shouted “It’s the loner! The loner! The loner!!!”

And another kid told them “Stop saying I’m a loner” and Yonghwa thought

the kid was telling him to stop…keke

He was flustered and said “Okay, I’ll stop!” keke

So they played around with the kids a lot and headed down.

After that did they go in to change?? Anyways

Since it was the middle of a farm…there weren’t any changing rooms…
So they went inside the farmhouse and changed in there

I think so.

Anyways we were continuing our field trip

And a kid told me he needed to go to the restroom…so I headed down to the house…

Seohyun was inside ^^ keke So it was a bit awkward…

The kid yelled “Hello!” and just walked right in… kekeke

Seohyun greeted the kid and stuff like that…anyways he came back out

And returned to the field…this time a 3 year old girl wanted to go to the restroom…

Went to see Seohyun again…was going back inside…

And Seohyun saw her and was “Wow, she’s cute” and asked her “how old are you?”…

But…she was still young, so she can’t speak really well…

Anyways she ended up asking me how old the girl was…

I said “Three years old” and she went “Ahh~she’s cute~” over and over again…
(HAHAHAHA I talked with Seohyun!!!!!)

That was the last…we went back to the kindergarten and the couple stayed…

cr. dcmarried

Waaaa!! That fan is really lucky!! If I were her, I wouldn’t know what to do. I think I’ll just stand there for a bit and just smile and jump.. haha!! A lot of things happened while they were filming and we only got a glimpse of it!! I guess the happenings outside of WGM are those that are more memorable.. I wonder what Yonghwa and Seohyun is doing when the cameras stop rolling! 😉


One Comment on “[FANACCOUNT + PHOTOS] YongSeo harvesting their Gogumas”

  1. Anonymous says:

    waaaa… lucky her..
    she’d get to see the couple and even talk to seohyun..

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