[Translations] Text Preview YongSeo Episode 34

thanks to MountainMadman and CheriMerci @ seohwa soompi thread

용화♡서현 : 지금 캐러 갑니다♬
고구마 대량 수확의 큰 꿈을 안고 강화도 ‘두 줄 밭’으로 떠나는 용화♡서현
초보운전 혀언은 SOS를 요청하는데~
현부인의 최측근(?)이자 자칭타칭 용서추종 매니저가 바라본 용서 부부는?

그런데, 4개월이 지나 다시 찾은 ‘두 줄 밭’ 무성히 자란 풀들이 온통 뒤덮여 모습을
과연 용화♡서현은 ‘두 줄 밭’을 한 눈에 알아볼 수 있을까?
본격적으로 고구마 수확을 하기 위해 폭풍 호미질을 시작하는 용서 부부!
드디어 용서 부부의 손에서 세상의 빛을 본 첫 ‘구마’의 모습은 과연?

translations after the cut 🙂

Holding dreams of a big harvest, Yonghwa and Seohyun travel to their ‘two rows field’

Rookie driver Hyun requests an SOS~
The couple in the eyes of the self-proclaimed YongSeo fan, Hyun’s manager?

But, in the 4 months since weeds had grown around their field~
would Yonghwa and Seohyun be able to recognize their field?
YongSeo couple starting their hard work on the harvest!
What will their first harvest gogumas look like?

HAHA! Hyun’s manager is a self-proclaimed YongSeo fan!! I really laughed when the preview showed Hyun’s manager driving and YongSeo is sooo lovey dovey beside him.. He might be thinking “What are those two doing? It’s as if I’m not here.” hahaha!! I’m so excited for tomorrow’s episode.. That place brings a lot of memories! 🙂


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  2. PANPAN says:

    oh! wow..gogumasss.. can’t wait to watch sweet potatn! ❤

  3. kudougirl says:

    saturday is tomorrow!! yay! can’t wait

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